This website is an interactive museum for classic video game worlds

Game developers create beautifully designed video game worlds and levels, but they are rarely appreciated when exploring or revisiting classic titles. Thanks to, gamers can navigate through their favorite games with a whole new perspective.

To celebrate video game level design and art, creator Jasper and other contributors offer a digital museum of popular video game worlds and levels that can be explored right in your browser. Looking for a way to navigate through Mario Kart tracks like you would use Google Maps‘ Street View? Now you can. has a variety of iconic titles for users to tour, including classic PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo games. There’s a particular focus on Nintendo consoles, including Wii, GameCube, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo 64.

Sightseers can navigate each level with the WASD keys to move the camera, and use their mouse’s left clicker to pan or tilt the camera. To quickly move through maps, the Shift key increases navigation speeds while backslash (/) reduces speeds.

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Some levels, like in Super Mario Galaxy, are fully animated, too, and the maps can even be used to reveal secret passageways or collectibles gamers may not have come across before. It’s a useful tool for those in need of an exploration guide.

There are also detailed designs of each section in Dark Souls, such as Anor Londo; each dungeon in The Legend of Zelda games, like Ocarina of Time; and the levels from Portal 2. Keep in mind that these can take a particularly long time to boot up depending on your laptop

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The digital museum offers up a new perspective on some of the best level designs seen in video games. This writer has a newfound appreciation for the incredibly loopy “The Milkman Conspiracy” level in Psychonauts — the Psychonauts 2 hype is real. 

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The website isn’t new, with reports dating back from 2019. However, for those not in the know, go take a tour of some incredible video game levels right now over at For all things gaming, check out the best PC games right now.

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