These smart glasses NAIL the ‘surround sound’ experience — it feels like a boom box is circling you

CES 2023 showcased a cornucopia of wearable tech, transforming what we already wear into spectacular tech wizardry. This includes pearl earrings that can play music and hearing aids disguised as earbuds, but nothing could have prepared me for the badassery of the AirGo3 smart glasses.

I tried on my fair share of audio-emanating smart glasses at CES 2023, including a Paula Abdul-pushed pair. What did I think of it? Well, Paula was great. The flimsy, uninspiring glasses on the other hand? Not so great.

Paula Abdul smart glasses

Paula Abdul smart glasses (Image credit: Paula Abdul/1 of 1 Custom)

Feeling a little jaded, I sauntered over to Solos’ CES 2023 booth, expecting to find another unoriginal pair of smart glasses, but I was wrong. I put the new AirGo3’s on and I was blown away by its spatial audio feature.

AirGo3 smart glasses

Many products claim to deliver spatial audio, but they don’t quite hit the nail on the head. For example, in early September, Apple announced that it would allow users to tap into their TrueDepth camera tech to take advantage of a new AirPods feature called personalized spatial audio. In theory, it sounded cool, but I didn’t detect much of a difference when I turned it on.


AirGo3 (Image credit: Future)

As such, when the Solos representatives at CES 2023 claimed that the new AirGo3 smart glasses have 360-degree spatial audio, I was skeptical. However, once I put them on and the rep turned on the music, I said, “Whoa!” The AirGo3 smart glasses truly capture the essence of a surround-sound experience. The best way I can describe it is that I felt that someone was holding a blaring boombox and running around me in circles.

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