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Looking to take your furry best friend on an adventure? Before you hit the road, there are a few things to have in order to make the trip easier — for you and your beloved companion. Let’s take a look at a few safety tips and the right way to travel with pets in tow.

Preparation & Packing

First, there are essential tasks to take care of long ahead of your departure date. One of the biggest is to schedule a veterinarian appointment and ensure your pet is ready to travel. Go over important points — such as vaccinations, any health certifications needed for airline travel, shot records and prescription refills — and update ID information on a microchip or tags if needed.

Additionally, be sure to ask the vet if your pet is in suitable mental and physical shape for travel. Gaining a realistic outlook on this helps everyone have a better time in the long run. It’s also a good idea to research emergency vets and any hazards specific to your destination, such as wildlife or diseases.

Next, it’s time to pack for your pet. You’ll want to take along the pet’s accustomed food and plenty of bottled water to avoid an upset stomach. Don’t rely on the destination to have these items and don’t feed your pet just anything. You’ll also need to pack pet medication, potty-related supplies, collar, leash, food bowl, toys and other items to keep the four-legged friend calm, contented and entertained.


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Are you planning to travel by car? As you map out the journey, plan potty breaks along the way and be mindful of where everyone in the vehicle will be sitting. Animals cannot go in the trunk or truck bed and cannot be left unattended.

It’s highly recommended to use a cat carrier or dog crate that is securely anchored in place. Make sure the enclosure is well ventilated, comfortable and big enough for the animal to stand, turn and lie down. Even if the pet is well behaved, this option is safer for all involved versus roaming free in a moving vehicle.

Going by air instead? There are a lot of rules and regulations to research as this method of travel is especially risky for pets. A few of the main factors include the pet’s health, having the right carrier, using direct flights and the timing of the trip due to busy seasons and extreme temperatures. Overall, it’s vital to carefully consider the dangers of this route and discuss it with your pet’s veterinarian.


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When taking along an animal companion, it’s crucial to prioritize booking accommodations that welcome pets. From New England cottage rentals to pet-friendly winter rentals in Florida, there is a world of options for owners. As you browse, make sure your pet will fit any size or breed restrictions as these vary from place to place. Other considerations include the outdoor space to walk your canine or the location’s quietness for your cat’s peace of mind.

Once settled in the lodgings, take steps to make the animal more comfortable. Bring all the pet’s supplies into the desired area, turn the television or radio on at a low volume and keep up your usual routine as much as you can.

Lastly, do your best to be a respectful guest. Try to keep the noise to a minimum, never leave a dog unattended, pick up after your animal and safety-proof any rooms the pet will be in during the stay. This might involve removing items off the floor, moving electrical cords out of reach and other safeguarding efforts.

Make the Most Out of Your Vacation

Whether you’re bringing along a pampered pooch or a frisky feline, it’s important to bear in mind the potential stressors a vacation may present. If your pet already shows signs of car anxiety or stress in unfamiliar settings, it may be better to hire a pet sitter. In the end, you should take all the necessary precautions and do what’s best for your cherished pet.


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