The One Thing That Changed My Daily Health – It Starts With Coffee

I have been pretty health-conscious for about 12 years. Before that I was so on and off about vitamins, exercise, etc that I never really had a set routine. Since having my kids, I have become even more health-conscious because I want to be my best self for them. While there are a lot of things I have done over the years to change my health, one thing comes to mind that’s made the biggest difference:  Seed.

The One Thing That Changed My Daily Health

What makes Seed special:

Seed is a Daily Synbiotic AKA a probiotic AND prebiotic.  It was developed for systemic benefits beyond digestive health!  It is a 24 strain broad spectrum probiotic and prebiotic formulated for digestive, gut immune, and additional whole-body benefits. Seed really is something that you will see so many benefits by adding it to your daily routine. The outer prebiotic capsule and inner probiotic capsule design ensures 100% survivability through your digestive tract, including stomach acid, digestion enzymes, and bile salts. What does this mean? The live probiotics will actually make it to the end of the small intestine for delivery into the colon. This is something you just don’t see with other probiotics! This cutting edge technology is why Seed is so effective!

Why I chose Seed:

I actually partnered with Seed for the first time about 18 months ago and just kept taking their Daily Synbiotic. I did a TON of research on it before I agreed to the partnership and everything I read sounded amazing. I loved all the testimonials from people who had been using Seed and saw such a difference, especially in their gut health. We try to eat healthy as much as possible but eating healthy isn’t all you need to do for your gut. You need to make sure you are getting all the help you can!

My overall experience with Seed:

I really noticed a HUGE difference after about a month. I feel like my body just felt “better” in a way—Seed supported ease of bloating and healthy regularity. One thing I really love is that the company is sustainable. They don’t send excess packaging and your monthly refills are sent in a home compostable bio-based pouch! We really try to support companies that practice sustainability which is one reason I am so supportive of Seed. I feel like all of these things really set them apart from anything even remotely similar on the market. After 18 months of using the product I feel like I can really speak to this.

I hope you will try Seed as it’s made such a huge difference in my life. If you are interested in trying Seed:

Get 15% off your first month’s supply of Seeds Daily Synbiotic by using code NEELY15 at checkout.

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