The best laptop desks in 2021

The best laptop desks solve one of the most glaring issues of portable computing: the inability to actually use one in your lap. While you can’t help but love the smell sizzling of bacon, it’s not as appealing when originating from your blow-torched quads. Without a doubt, the word “laptop” has become the biggest misnomer of our time, and the world would potentially be a better place if we could all just pull together and create a more fitting term. I’ve tried to help with this issue, but Acer still hasn’t gotten back to me after I suggested that the Predator Triton 500 be renamed to “George Foreman’s Lean Mean Second-Degree Burn Inducing Machine”.

Laptop desks (or lap desks) will not only shield your lower appendages from a slow roast, but they can also offer better viewing angles, and more importantly, improved ergonomics. With so many of us working from home at the moment, it’s important to be aware of how, and where, you are sitting. While your flat-packed Scandinavian kitchen chairs may look great, they’re not designed for you to sit on them for eight hours a day.

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