The Best Educational Toys for Kids in Different Age Groups

educational toys for kids

The Best Educational Toys for Kids in Different Age Groups

Learning through play is an effective educational tool. As parents, we need to understand the vitality of educational toys for kids comprehensive development. Luckily, a lot of toy companies have developed such impressive toys with educational benefits that help kids in developing their minds and learning skills that can prove fruitful for their future.

We have curated below a list of handpicked educational toys that are categorized as per the age groups.

Educational Toys for 1-4 years old

This is an age group
where kids start to build and gain better control over their fine motor skills.
These initial years of your child’s development play a crucial role in shaping
their brain’s architecture.

1. Building blocks

Building blocks, a
simple yet powerful toy that can improve your child’s imagination and
creativity. There vibrant colors and shapes entice kids to explore, construct
and instill their imagination to build various shapes. Through constant
stacking, sorting, and counting, kids also tend to sharpen their
problem-solving skills. Blocks are certainly one of the best educational toys for 2 yr olds India.

2. Musical rhymes book

Rhymes play a huge impact in literacy development. It is an easy toy that your child will love to explore. Your child can easily press, slide, and twist the knobs and instrument buttons to explore through the alluring rhythm and colors of this amazing toy. This is a great toy that can help your little one to build their visual and sensory-motor skills.

3. Leapfrog learning 100 words book

Let your dear one enter into the world of
vocabularies through this fun and word-filled toy. With over 12 learning
categories, 100 different words and three playing modes, your child can
press-play each page and learn about colors, objects, animals and much more.

Educational Toys for 5-8 years old

This is an age-group where your child transits from a play-based atmosphere to a work-based one. At this age, they may have learned a few skills but are yet to hone them. Bring these educational toys handpicked for kids to spark their imagination, expand their world of learning and sharpen their cognitive skills.

1. Building Structures with Lego

Kids adore building things. Why not get them to create their own structure? The Lego toys are a perfect fun and STEM educational toy that aspires your child to create and build structures. This toy develops your child’s fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, as well as spark up their imagination.

2. Electronic Memory Games

This intuitive toy aids in improving memory and developing patience. Here the game is to memorize the sequence of flashing colors and then press the buttons in accordance with the same sequence. This simple toy is one of the amazing electronic learning toys for 7 yr olds and 8yr olds.

3. Mixed Reality Toys by Skipy

This is a great educational toy for kids who love drawing. This mixed-reality toy is an educational tool in the form of a toy that generates enthusiasm in your child to draw and color. Your kid can select from a wide range of stories, characters, games and greetings and follow the steps displayed on the mobile app to draw and color the object/character. The mobile app then scans your child’s drawings and brings life to it in the form of stories, trivia or games.

Educational Toys for 9-12-year-olds

This is an age group when children tend to disregard babyish toys and seek more challenging yet fun ones. Gaze through our list of specially-chosen educational toys for your 9-12-year-olds.

1. Fold Origami Brainteasers

 Fold Origami Brainteasers, a toy that can help in building logical abilities, cognitive skills, and mathematical abilities. With over ten fun origami brainteasers with solutions, this toy will keep your kids busy flexing their mental muscles to find solutions to each puzzle.

2. Brain Flakes 500 Pieces Interlocking Plastic Disc Set

dear one will go crazy over this colorful, creative and precisely designed toy.
With over 500 interconnecting discs, your child can use his/her span of
imagination and explore its endless scope of designing possibilities. Cars, Ferris
wheels, houses, buildings and what not! This is the best toy to bring out the
engineer in them.

3. Snap Circuits Beginner Electronics Exploration Kit

 Let your child use his Lego skills on this
snap circuit. This is an amazing STEM toy that makes learning a fun process. It
comes with a kid-friendly and easy-to-read manual. With over 20 projects, this
educational circuit-building toy encourages experimentation, troubleshooting,
and problem-solving skills in them.

Educational toys stimulate learning and promote skill-building. We hope this blog helped you in picking up the right learning toy for your child. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

About Skipy

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