The 50 Cheapest, Most Clever Things Amazon Keeps Selling Out Of

Amazon is chock-full of those things you didn’t know you needed until you saw them — and then you need them immediately. At least, that’s how a ton of people seem to be reacting to these genius products, because they are often sold out. The quality of the products are definitely partly why — but the cheap price tags are also a huge factor.

Many of the things I’ve listed below won’t cost you more than $10, like this cool facial cleansing tool that turns any wash into a foam. There’s also affordable decor pieces, like this faux fur throw blanket, and handy kitchen gadgets like this mini rice cooker with tens of thousands of five-star reviews.

Keep scrolling to see these things and even more gems — you’ll be surprised by the things you didn’t know you needed.


These Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs That Are Cool To The Touch

As you get wrapped up in your morning routine, your coffee or tea may start moving toward a sad room temperature — that is, unless you’re using one of these shatter-proof stainless steel mugs. Their double-walled insulation can keep your drink hot or cold for longer than a traditional mug, so you don’t have to keep making a fresh cup. It also comes with a lid to help minimize any messes.


This Eyeshadow Stick That’s So Easy To Apply

Skip the makeup brushes with this eyeshadow stick. This clever makeup has a creamy application, but it dries with a classic powdery look. The waterproof formula comes in 30 different shades, both matte and shimmery, and it also happens to be infused with vitamins C and E to add some nourishment to your face.


These Reusable Baking Cups That Take The Place Of Cooking Spray

To reduce your waste, save yourself some cash, and make your baked goods cuter than ever, grab this set of silicone baking cups that can be washed and reused time and time again. Your delicious masterpieces will easily pop out of the casing — no cooking spray or butter required. This set of 12 is heat resistant up to 428 degrees, and they can be easily placed in the dishwasher for fuss-free cleanup.


A Salad Chopper That Keeps Your Fingers Safely Away From The Blade

This salad chopper lets you look like a pro but with a bit of a safety guard. The unique shape positions your hand well away from the 6-inch stainless steel blades to avoid any accidents and allow you to more easily dice and slice. Rock this knife back and forth to easily chop your veggies, herbs, or even chocolate and nuts for that cake recipe you’ve been dying to try.


A Scratch-Resistant Glass Teapot With A Built-In Steeper

Put away the electric kettle and decorate your stovetop with this chic glass teapot. The scratch-resistant body can hold 33 ounces of liquid so you can brew enough for the whole family at once. Use the stainless steel infuser to steep your favorite loose teas or place it to the side to simply stick in a few pre-packaged bags.


This Cold Brew Maker That Can Make A Liter Of Coffee

Those few bucks that you spend on cold brew at your favorite cafe definitely add up. To get more bang for your buck at home, start brewing your own with this coffee maker that can prepare a liter of cold brew by just sticking it in the fridge overnight. The ultra-fine mesh filter assures that you get a bold, smooth coffee without any leftover grinds. Enjoy your batch for up to three weeks without it losing its freshness.


A Foot Peel Mask To Make Your Feet Feel Baby Soft

Boasting a 4.5-star rating overall on Amazon after 65,000-plus reviews, you can rest assured that this foot peel mask is highly effective. To use, simply slide your feet into the socks and wear them for an hour. Within 6 to 11 days, your feel will start to peel, leaving behind amazingly smooth and soft feet. Choose from a variety of lovely scents, including vanilla, strawberry, and lavender.


These Water-Resistant Packing Cubes That Help Your Clothes Stay Wrinkle-Free

If you finally get to your destination after a long day of travel, open your suitcase, and don’t know exactly what you’re looking at, you need packing cubes. This pack comes with four different sized water-resistant cubes and one laundry bag — so even your dirty clothes can stay organized. The cubes themselves have a breathable mesh top that allows you to see what’s inside, and an easy-to-use, snag-free zipper.


An Eyelash Curler With Plush Silicone Pads & A Comfort Grip

This eyelash curler is perfectly angled to worth with different eye shapes and lash lengths, and it’s made with a soft silicone pad that won’t pinch or tug at your delicate lashes. It even comes with two extra pads so you can switch them out as you please, making this a long-lasting curler Keep everything clean by storing in the satin travel pouch that’s included.


These Double-Sided Measuring Spoons That Are Easy To Neatly Store

You’ll never go back to an ordinary set after using these magnetic measuring spoons. They make every part of the cooking process easier. Their labeled units in both U.S and metric measurements eliminate the need to convert recipes, and their dual-sided design stops you from constantly washing to switch between wet and dry ingredients. When done, you don’t have to worry about them swimming around in your drawer. Their magnetism keeps them sticking together so that everything is a bit more neat and tidy.


This Trash Can For Your Car With A Strap To Keep It In Place

You don’t have to stop snacking in the car, but you should have a place to discard all the wrappers and packaging when you’re done. This car trash can with a magnetic lid can be attached to a headrest, door, or console with the buckled strap that’ll keep it in place. Use it with the included pack of liners for an even easier cleanup. Or, feel free to use it as a cooler thanks to its insulated interior.


This Genius Glass Container That Keeps Herbs Fresher For Longer

Greens are expensive yet tend to wilt quickly, so keep them fresher for longer with this herb keeper. Larger than other herb savers on the market, this one is 12.2 inches high and 4.7 inches wide, making it suitable for giant bunches of parsley or kale. The BPA-free plastic cup, breathable top, and durable glass combine to keep your herbs as fresh as the day you bought them.


The Gold-Infused Under Eye Masks That Brighten Your Skin

These under eye masks are a favorite for a reason. Infused with real 24-karat gold, these soft, easy-to-wear eye masks are also packed with skincare staples like collagen, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and castor oil to leave your under eye area brightened, and you looking totally refreshed.


A Faux Fur Throw Blanket To Keep You Warm On Chilly Nights

After wrapping yourself in this faux fur throw blanket, you won’t want to get up. The plush fabric will keep you warm and cozy and add to your decor at the same time. While both sides feel the same, one has a faux animal print and the other has a more structured solid print so you can decide what look you’re going for. The durable material can be thrown in the washing machine without resulting in any shedding.


This Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner That Washes & Dries So Quickly

Washing your makeup brushes by hand takes quite a bit of time and doesn’t even include the amount you spend waiting for them to dry. This makeup brush cleaner does it all in a matter of seconds. The kit comes with an electric spinner, eight collars to fit every size of brush, a charger, and a cleaning solution that rids your tools of germs to give you a fresh start each time — quickly.


A Snap-On Colander That Saves Cabinet Space

To make more room in your kitchen and make the cooking process a bit easier, snap on this silicone strainer to any of your pots or pans. It’s only half the size of a typical one but works even better to keep your food contained in the bowl while draining every last drop of water. The durable material can withstand heat up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit and is meant to be long-lasting.


These Microfiber Hair Towels That Help Reduce Frizz

They may look like ordinary towels at first glance — but actually these microfiber towels are super absorbent to quickly dry your hair. Their breathable design not only helps you avoid damage and heat but will also help leave your hair with less frizz than when air drying. Plus, the soft fibers are gentle on your locks to help prevent any breakage.


A Milk Frother That Works With The Touch Of A Button

Fancy coffee shop drinks can end up costing a pretty penny for just a small cup. Take things into your own hands (literally) with this milk frother that takes just seconds to whip up lattes, cappuccinos, or even whisk your eggs. The silicone handle is comfortable to hold while you complete your creations with the simple touch of the top button.


This Foundation Brush That Works With Liquid, Creams & Powders

This kabuki foundation brush can be used with liquid, cream, and powder formulas, leaving a streak-free finish each time. The synthetic bristles avoid absorbing (and wasting) your product and won’t shed even with everyday use. This cheap but effective makeup brush is a fan-favorite on Amazon, with over 25,000 five-star reviews.


A Set Of Lightsaber Chopsticks That Make It OK To Play With Your Food

These lightsaber chopsticks make any meal more fun, whether you’re eating takeout while watching your favorite sci-fi TV show or have a picky eater you need to engage at the dinner table. These LED light-up chopsticks come in seven Jedi-approved colors and operate with camera batteries you can easily replace.


This Insulated Holder To Keep Drinks Cold For 12 Hours

This sleek can holder not only acts as a cute cover so that you don’t have unappealing cans in your pictures but it also has the insulation to prevent condensation and keep your seltzer or other slim can drink cold for 12 hours. Just slide in the entire can or pour the contents into the holder and sip away in style.


A Literal Jewelry Tree With Tons Of Space For All Your Accessories

With a vintage look but a cheap price tag, this jewelry tree will look so chic on your dresser. Available in three stunning metallic finishes, this jewelry tree has tons of branches for hanging your hoops, bracelets, and necklaces as well as a wide bowl for stashing your rings, studs, and brooches.


An Electric Wine Opener That Lets You Uncork Bottles With 1 Hand

Leave the days of fighting with a corkscrew behind and add this electric wine opener to your drawer of kitchen gadgets. In just eight seconds or less, you’ll have an ejected cork and a wine that’s ready to be enjoyed — and all you have to do is press two buttons. Uncork up to 100 bottles before having to replace the batteries.


A Pack Of Clear Toiletry Bags That Are TSA-Friendly

Stop storing your shampoo in disposable zip-top baggies and give everything a uniformed look and designated spot with this pack of clear toiletry bags. Each quart-size bag has enough room to fit your TSA-approved tubes and bottles while giving you a clear view of it all. The reinforced seams provide extra durability so the bags can better handle a bit of tumbling around in your luggage.


The Complete Kitchen Knife Set That 81% Of Reviewers Gave 5 Stars

It’s hard to believe this highly rated 12-piece kitchen knife set is available for under $20. This reviewer-favorite comes with a chef’s, bread, carving, utility, and paring knife. There is a handy protective sheath for each knife, keeping them sharp and safe in drawers and also making them a great pick for traveling. The set also comes with a cutting board with a juice-collecting groove around the edges and an ergonomic handle. There’s even an included small knife sharpener.


A Convenient Compact Mirror With A Built-In LED Light

Having a compact mirror in your bag is useful but might not be the biggest help when in a dark area. That’s why this one comes equipped with a built-in LED light along the rim. No matter where you are, you’ll be able to have a clear view. One side is a normal reflection while the other is a 10x magnification so you can perfectly touch up your makeup.


This Accurate Digital Food Scale With Unit Conversion

To really cook or bake like the pros do, your kitchen needs a digital food scale — and this one has 87,000 five-star reviews, so you know you can trust it. This one in particular can measure up to five kilograms and present the units in ounces, pounds, grams, or milliliters for extra precision. It even has a tare function that can remove container weight from the final measurement of your food. The best part? It’s only $10.


A No-Drip Honey Dispenser

Getting honey out of a jar or container can be difficult and also quite messy. However, this dispenser makes the process much simpler; all you have to do is push the trigger and the honey comes right out of the bottom… plus, no drips! The dispenser is air-tight to keep your honey fresh. And it has an adorable honeycomb design that makes it worthy of display.


These Satin Pillowcases That Protects Your Hair From Breakage

These expensive-looking but super cheap satin pillowcases act as a delicate surface for your hair to rest on, helping to prevent frizz and breakage. The silky fabric is also beneficial for your skin as it won’t strip it of its natural oils. These shiny, soft pillowcases also keep cool during the night, so there’s no need to flip your pillow anymore.


These Waterproof Silicone Oven Mitts With A Cotton Lining

Throw away those cotton mitts with the burn marks on them and hang up these silicone oven mitts instead. The durable material is waterproof and resists steam and heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This essentially means that they won’t absorb any liquid, like fabric pairs do, and potentially burn your hands underneath. Plus, this pair has a quilted cotton lining to keep your hands comfy inside, which is why they have a 4.8-star rating with over 32,000 reviews.


This Stackable Bento Box With A Built-In Utensil Set

Instead of having to separately pack everything you want to enjoy for lunch, place it all in this stackable bento box. Put your pasta, meat, or stir fry in the open bottom level that holds up to 2 cups of food and use the top to organize your fruits, salad, nuts, and any other sides in the divided top with two halves that hold 3/4 cup each. Each box has a three-piece utensil set in the built-in holder on the lid and comes with a sealing strap to make sure everything stays in place.


A Hairbrush That Glides Through Tangles With Ease

This hair brush features unique cone-shaped plastic bristles that gently remove even the toughest of tangles from your strands. It’s designed for use on all hair types and lengths — including wet and dry strands — and it’s available in a variety of color and pattern options. A fan-favorite on Amazon, one reviewer calls this pick “the best brush on the market.”


This Splatter Screen That Protects Your Cabinets From Hot Oil

This splatter screen stops any sizzling oil from jumping out of the pan and potentially cause damage to your skin and kitchen as you’re frying zucchini fritters. The stainless steel mesh catches even the tiniest drops from ending up on your walls, wood cabinets, or hands. Just lift the screen and use the resting feet to place it down on your countertop when it’s time to flip the fritters.


These Automatic LED Lights That Illuminate Things At Night

When natural light dwindles, these plug-in LED lights turn on automatically so you can still see where you’re going without having to turn on an overbearing ceiling light. Put them in your hallway, bathroom, or kitchen (for when you wake up with a midnight craving). The convenient lights can detect motion up to 10 feet away and turn off automatically after 30 seconds without motion.


A Digital Food Thermometer That Works In Just 3 Seconds

The only way to truly know when a steak is ready is with a digital meat thermometer. This gadget works in three seconds to give you an accurate reading in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. If you forget what temperatures fall under medium, well done, and so on, just double check the chart right on the face of the thermometer. But don’t forget that you can use it for other meals as well. Use it to heat up milk for a baking recipe or check the temp of your frying oil.


This Tool For Homemade Microwave Popcorn

Forget greasy, expensive bags of microwave popcorn; this at-home popcorn popper is just as easy and lets you customize your toppings. Just toss in kernels, oil, salt, and other flavorings, and put it in the microwave for the normal popcorn setting. It’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup, too.


A Phone Mount That Attaches To Car Vents

Those phone mounts with suction cups can be nerve-wracking when driving. Since there’s always the possibility that they come loose, use this car phone mount that clips onto your car’s air vents instead. The back clamp takes a firm grip while, on the other side, your phone is kept secure by two side clamps made with silicone lining, so as not to scratch your screen on bumpy roads. The clamp rotates 360 degrees to give you both horizontal and vertical views.


The 1-Gallon Water Bottle That’s Easy To Tote

Featuring a hanging strap and easy-grip handle, this water bottle makes it easy to carry around up to one gallon of water to ensure you stay well hydrated. It comes with a straw lid and a “chug lid” to give you options on how you sip, as well as markers on the side for amounts and suggested times by which you should drink. It’s available in 23 colors and also in a half-gallon size if you’re looking for something a little smaller.


This Single Kitchen Tool That Cuts, Stirs, Serves & More

Cut down on drawer space and cut your food — literally — with this five-in-one cooking utensil. This cleverly designed 12-inch long gadget acts all at once as a slotted spoon, solid spoon, knife, spatula, and turner. It’s heat resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can confidently use it even during your most intense cooks.


A Useful Hanging Organizer For Your Handbags

This organizer has eight large pockets to hold handbags and purses of all shapes and sizes — plus, it has a hanging design to save you major shelf space in your closet. The pockets are clear, so you can easily view the contents inside. And the hook at the top swivels for your convenience.


A Mini Rice Cooker That Can Have A Full Meal Done In 20 Minutes

This mini rice cooker is small but mighty. At just 8.5 inches wide and 6.5 inches tall, it’s able to help you create some delicious soups, quinoa bowls, veggies, and rice, of course. The 2-cup capacity is perfect for those who are cooking for themselves but don’t want any food to go to waste. It comes with a mixing paddle, measuring cup, and recipe guide for some yummy inspiration.


A Healing Cuticle Cream That Reviewers Rave About

The precise applicator on this nourishing cuticle conditioner allows you to target dry areas with a formula one reviewer wrote is “very moisturizing but in a light, non-greasy way” with a “very mild, almost nonexistent smell.” The ingredient list boasts natural ingredients including shea butter, aloe vera extract, vitamin E, and Japanese wakame seaweed.


An Adorable Note Dispenser To Bring Some Fun Into Your Workplace

Office supplies don’t have to be boring. In fact, this sticky note dispenser is anything but. The cute kitty will bring a bit of playfulness to your desk and make it easier for you to grab a Post-It so you can quickly jot down your next million dollar idea. This works best with accordion-style pads.


This Multi-Purpose Spray Bottle That Reviewers Love For Tons Of Uses

This 10-ounce leakproof bottle has a quiet continuous-spray trigger that creates an ultra-fine mist that reviewers love for hair, plants, and even cleaning around the house. Even better? It can be sprayed at any angle, perfect for getting the underside of hair or delicate plant leaves. One reviewer wrote, “I actually have two of these. One for rewetting my (wavy) hair and one for spraying down my fabric before ironing.”


This Durable Portable Hammock That Can Hold Up To 500 Pounds

The rip-resistant nylon that this hammock is made out of will be able to handle anything the woods throws its way. The hammock takes just a few minutes to set up and is equipped with two 9-foot long tree straps with five loops on them so you can adjust the height. Although it can hold up to 500 pounds, it actually weighs just 24 ounces when neatly packed in the included carrying case. So bring it along on your next trip to cozy up by the fire.


This Back Scrubber For Hard-To-Reach Spots

This charcoal-infused loofah pouf comes with a 17-inch bamboo handle so you can reach your entire back to cleanse and exfoliate. The handle has a texturized grip to prevent slipping and the set comes with another pouf without a handle and even a wall-hanging hook for storage. The loofahs are durable too; one reviewer noted, “my first set has lasted going on just over two years.”


The Snail Extract Cream With Over 10,000 5-Star Reviews

With a high concentration of snail extract (97.5%), this brightening and plumping repair cream also contains Vitamins E and B5, shea butter, aloe, jojoba oil, and green tea extract. Among the 10,000 five-star reviews, one reviewer wrote, “I have tried almost every moisturizer out there on the market and am thrilled to share that I have found the BEST! The snail repair moisturizer is the most effective moisturizer I’ve ever used – super effective at treating sensitive and dry skin, without leaving you feeling greasy but also effective at nourishing dry skin. […]”


The Popper Reviewers Say Is “The Coolest, Easiest Way To Make Perfect Homemade Popcorn”

This collapsible silicone popper offers what one reviewer wrote is “the coolest, easiest way to make perfect homemade popcorn.” Available in 14 colors to match your kitchen decor, the BPA- and PVC-free silicone prevents burns like those caused by glass poppers. The large bowl can hold up to 15 cups of popcorn, making it a go-to for movie night.


These Eco-Friendly Dish Cloths That Are Super Absorbent

To take a step towards helping the environment, add this pack of dish cloths to your cart. Each dish cloth’s biodegradable material can hold 20 times its weight in liquid and be reused 100 times to take the place of 15 paper towel rolls. Use them for a streak-free finish on mirrors and windows or to wipe down your countertop and appliances after cooking. Trust me, you’ll find a use for these over and over again.


A Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter With A Blade Guard

You’ll suddenly want to transform your kitchen into a pizzeria after seeing how easy this pizza cutter is to use. The ergonomic handle fits perfectly in your hand to give you stability while applying even vertical pressure. The sharp stainless steel blades cuts through crust and cheese in a breeze and will stay rust-free even after many trips to the dishwasher. When putting away to store, make sure to snap the blade guard closed to keep your hands safe.

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