The 5 Best Pet Insurance Companies in Massachusetts, According to a Vet

Veterinary care can be pricey all over the USA, but if you live in the Bay State, you know that many things tend to be even more expensive. A visit to your trusted veterinarian is no exception! Pet insurance can help you keep your pets healthy by making it easier to pay your vet bills. The way pet insurance works is that you pay a premium each month and, in return, your pet insurance company will pay a portion of your vet bills by reimbursement. The details are a bit different from company to company, so it’s important to understand what each company covers. This will help you choose the best pet insurance company in Massachusetts for your pets.

Top Pick


  • Diminishing deductible (if no claim made in year)
  • Claims are processed and paid promptly
  • Extra reimbursements: grooming, training, etc.
  • Optional wellness plan

Our top pick for pet insurance in Massachusetts is Embrace Pet InsuranceNot only is Embrace affordable but it also covers a wide variety of illnesses and injuries, reducing the amount that you’ll pay out of pocket should your treasured pet get sick or hurt. In addition, the company offers a wellness plan that can make routine procedures and treatments more budget-friendly.

We know that it can be confusing to compare different types of pet insurance. After all, some have annual deductibles and some have per-condition deductibles. Some cover 70 percent of eligible expenses while others cover 90 percent. Some only cover pets up to a certain age. A few can pay veterinarians directly, while most have you submit a claim and then reimburse you a few days or weeks later. We have looked at a lot of pet insurance companies to bring you a list of our picks for the top 5 pet insurance companies in Massachusetts.

The Best Pet Insurance Companies in Massachusetts

Best Overall Pet Insurance in Massachusetts: Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance Review
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on Embrace Pet Insurance’s secured website

Average Customer Rating


What we like:
Optional wellness plan

Monthly Premium As low as $10 for cats and $16 for dogs
Deductible $200, $300, $500, $750, or $1,000
Benefits Limits 70%, 80% or 90% of annual costs
Age Restrictions As young as 6 weeks and as old as 14 years

Visit the Embrace Pet Insurance website or get a quote for pet insurance

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Our top spot for the best pet insurance in the Bay State goes to Embrace Pet Insurance. This company is known for being affordable and reliable, making it a prime choice for just about anyone. It is extremely customizable, so you can choose from various levels of coverage. If you choose a higher deductible and/or a lower percentage of the vet bill that will be covered, you can save money on your premiums.

Embrace also offers an optional wellness plan. This is a nice option to consider because it makes routine vet care more affordable. Some pet owners prefer to pay monthly into the wellness benefit, which allows them to put funds toward things like vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, grooming, preventative meds, and others. If you would like to keep your monthly premiums down and you don’t mind paying for those routine procedures and medications out of pocket, then you can simply choose not to take the wellness plan.

Embrace has several discounts that you might be eligible for, such as the diminishing deductible. If you don’t file a claim during one year, then the following year, your deductible will be $50 lower on the same plan. This is stackable, which means that if you don’t file a claim for two or three years, then your deductible will be $100 or $150 lower, respectively. There is also a military discount and a multiple pet discount.

Important Features of Embrace Pet Insurance:

  • Diminishing deductible
  • Optional wellness benefit
  • Discounts available
  • Quick claim processing
  • No lifetime limits

For more information, don’t miss our in-depth Embrace Pet Insurance Review.

Runner-up Pet Insurance in Massachusetts: Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Review
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on Healthy Paws Pet Insurance’s secured website

Average Customer Rating


What we like:
No annual maximum

Monthly Premium Approximately $35 for dogs and $25 for cats
Deductible $100, $200, $500, or $750
Benefits Limits 70%, 80% or 90% of annual costs
Age Restrictions As young as 8 weeks and as old as 14 years

Visit the Healthy Paws Pet Insurance website or get a quote for pet insurance

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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance came in second in our picks for pet insurance companies in Mass. This is a convenient company to work with, as they have an easy-to-use phone app as well as very quick turnaround. In fact, thanks to the app, most claims are processed in an impressive two days. This makes it much easier for those in Massachusetts to afford their vet bills since you know that you’ll be reimbursed for eligible expenses within just a couple of days in most cases. Reimbursements can be directly deposited into your bank account for even more convenience.

Healthy Paws uses an annual deductible system, and that can range from $100 to $750 per year. They cover pets up to 14 years of age, and those 8 or older are limited in the type of coverage they can get. Keep this in mind if your pet is approaching middle age. If you have a 6- or 7-year-old pet, get him to the vet for a checkup soon and sign up if you are considering Healthy Paws.

Alternative treatments, specialty care, hereditary conditions, and most illnesses and injuries are covered. Exam fees, routine treatments, parasite control, and behavioral treatments are also not.

Important Features of Healthy Paws Pet Insurance:

  • Annual deductibles
  • No annual or lifetime limits
  • Convenient app
  • Travel benefits
  • Fast turnaround

We have a comprehensive Healthy Paws Pet Insurance review available for more information.

Best Budget-Friendly Pet Insurance in Massachusetts: Petfirst Pet Insurance

Petfirst Pet Insurance Review
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on Petfirst’s secured website

Average Customer Rating


What we like:
Short waiting periods

Monthly Premium Varies, from $6 for cats and $12 for dogs
Deductible $50 to $500
Coverage 70 to 90 percent
Age Restrictions Minimum age: 8 weeks
Maximum age: none

Visit the Petfirst website or get a quote for pet insurance

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If you’re on a budget, consider Petfirst Pet Insurance. This is a company that offers a lot of different options, so if you are on a tight budget, you should still be able to find a plan that works for your pet. One of the best features of Petfirst is that the waiting period for most conditions is only 14 days. This means that your pet will be covered within a couple of weeks, which is a shorter timeframe than many other companies.

In addition to basic coverage, Petfirst offers a routine care rider, which can make routine expenses, like vaccinations, more affordable. They also don’t specify a maximum age; even if your pet is over age 14 (the cutoff for most companies), they can still get a new plan. And turnaround for claims is under two weeks in most cases, which is also convenient.

One drawback of Petfirst is that they have a per-condition deductible (more on that below), which is not as desirable as an annual deductible for most pet owners. Also, there is an annual maximum. Be aware of which maximum you are signing up for so there are no unpleasant surprises later.

Important Features of Petfirst Pet Insurance:

  • 14-day waiting period
  • Lots of options to choose from
  • Routine care rider (optional)
  • No maximum age
  • Annual maximum benefits
  • Per-condition deductible

Check out our longer Petfirst Pet Insurance review to learn more about this company.

Best Pet Insurance With Discounts From Massachusetts Health Insurance: Petplan

Pet Life Today
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on Petplan’s secured website

Average Customer Rating


What we like:
Flexible coverage options

Monthly Premium $18-56 for dogs,
$17-37 for cats
Deductible $250-1,000
Coverage 70 to 90 percent
Age Restrictions Minimum: 6 weeks
Maximum: none

Visit the Petplan website or get a quote for pet insurance

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If you have health insurance in Massachusetts, you might be able to get a discount on your pet insurance. This is the case with Petplan. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts has partnered with Petplan to offer BCBS members a discount for their cats and dogs. This is a great way to save money on a good pet insurance plan using something you already have.

Petplan is a company that offers a lot of the same benefits that other pet insurance plans offer: Quick turnaround on claims (within 5 days in some cases), flexible coverage, and the ability to see any veterinarian you want. They also have no maximum age, so you can even cover your older pets. They promise never to drop a pet for getting older. One benefit that is somewhat unique is that they offer pre-authorization. This means that if you have an expensive veterinary procedure coming up, the vet can submit a pre-authorization for you so you know what Petplan will cover in advance of your appointment.

Important Features of Petplan:

  • Pre-authorization offered
  • Discounts available to BCBS of Mass members
  • Flexible coverage
  • Coverage available for older pets
  • Choose the type of deductible you want
  • See any veterinarian

Want more information? Check out our Petplan Pet Insurance review.

Best Pet Insurance That Can Pay Your Massachusetts Vet Directly: Trupanion Pet Insurance

Trupanion Pet Insurance Review
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on Trupanion’s secured website

Average Customer Rating


What we like:
Direct vet payments

Monthly Premium As low as $22 for cats and $36 for dogs
Deductible Customizable between $0 and $1,000
Benefits Limits 90%
Age Restrictions As old as 14 years

Visit the Trupanion website or get a quote for pet insurance

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Some pet insurance companies can pay your veterinarian directly. Our top pick in this category is Trupanion Pet Insurance. When you are at a participating veterinary office, you can have them request payment for eligible expenses, and all you will have to pay is your deductible and 10 percent of the bill for procedures (plus anything that is not covered or ineligible).

Trupanion covers all pets at 90 percent, and they pay on the actual vet bill, not what they consider reasonable and customary. This is particularly good for those in Massachusetts because vet bills in this area of the country tend to be higher than those in some other regions. Rather than paying based on what a vet in a rural area of the South or Midwest charges, for example, they will pay based on what your vet charges.

You get to choose your deductible and what vet you use. Deductibles are per-condition rather than annual. Note that while you can see any vet or go to any animal hospital you want, in order for direct payments to your vet or hospital, you need to use one that is participating. So be sure to ask your vet if they participate or if they would consider signing up.

Important Features of Trupanion Pet Insurance:

  • Can pay participating vets directly
  • Covers 90 percent of eligible expenses
  • Pays based on the actual fee charged
  • Various deductible options (per-condition)
  • Optional riders for alternative care and for pet owner assistance program

If you would like more details about Trupanion Pet Insurance, take a look at our in-depth review.

How We Determined the Best Pet Insurance Plans in Massachusetts

There are a lot of pet insurance plans available in Massachusetts, so you might be wondering how we decided on which were the best. Here are some of the criteria we used.

Monthly Expense

Monthly premiums are one of the first things most people look at when it comes to purchasing pet insurance, so that was also one of the first things we considered. Be aware that the monthly premium you will be quoted depends on where in Massachusetts you live, how old your pet is, what kind of pet you have, and how large your pet is.

Types of Deductibles

There are two ways that pet insurance companies figure out deductibles:

  • Annual deductibles are those that you pay once per year. Once you pay the deductible for any given year, you do not pay it again until the next year. If you pay the deductible in December and your plan resets in January, you will need to pay it again if your pet needs additional vet care in January.
  • Per-condition or per-incident deductibles are paid per illness or injury. If your pet has three illnesses during the course of a year, you will pay the deductible three times. On the other hand, if your pet has an illness that lasts for several years, you will only pay the deductible once.

In determining which pet insurance companies are the best, we prefer the annual deductible model, but some pet owners might prefer the per-condition deductible depending on their situation.

What’s Covered (and What’s Not)

Finally, we looked at what is covered and what isn’t. Plans that offer wellness care and optional riders got high marks from us. No pet insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions, so that is not a criterion, but some offer coverage for breed-specific or hereditary conditions that were not present before the pet was enrolled. Those that cover alternative treatments also get two thumbs up because some pet owners prefer using those types of treatments.

How to Choose the Best Massachusetts Pet Insurance

If you are shopping for pet insurance in Massachusetts, here are some of the considerations you might want to keep in mind:

Consider Your Likely Monthly or Yearly Expenses

In many cases, you get what you pay for when it comes to pet insurance. With that being said, think about what your budget is for monthly or yearly premiums and start there. If you have some wiggle room, you’ll also want to think about how much vet care for your pet is likely to need. While nobody has a crystal ball to tell the future, you might assume that a young, healthy pet will have fewer expenses than an older pet who has already had some health problems. If you anticipate needing more vet care rather than less, be sure to look at the deductibles as well as the coverage amounts of any plan you are considering.

Think About Whether Your Pet Is Susceptible to Non-Covered Conditions

Some pet insurance companies have limitations on whether they will cover hip dysplasia or breed-specific conditions. If your pet has a parent with hip dysplasia or if you know that he is going to be prone to a certain illness later in life, be sure that it is covered. Keep in mind that if your pet already has an illness or condition, it won’t be covered under any traditional pet insurance companies.

Check for Discounts Available

If you have multiple pets or if you or a household member has served in the military, you might be eligible for discounts. Also look into whether your health insurance or employer has any affiliation with a pet insurance company to see if there are discounts available.

Read Customer Reviews

Finally, be sure to check out customer reviews for any pet insurance company you are considering. If you look at our reviews linked at the bottom of each section above, you will see a few that we’ve compiled. That’s a good start, but be sure to keep looking at various sources. You will want to consider both positive and negative reviews and see what patterns you can find to determine whether a particular company is the right one for you.

The Final Verdict

You have a lot of options in Massachusetts when it comes to pet insurance companies. We found that Embrace Pet Insurance was our favorite, and the rest of our top picks are listed above. We encourage you to do your research to find the plan that is best for you!

For more information about pet insurance, check out Compare Pet Insurance for Every Breed and Pet Insurance 101.

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