The 18 Best Drawer Organizers For Clothing

It’s seemingly inevitable for dresser drawers to get messy with the day-to-day grind of picking out clothes from the stacks or folded rows and putting them away again (in perhaps a bit of a rush). But with the best drawer organizers for clothing in place, everything can remain neat as well as easy to sort and find. Not only will these organizers reduce clutter, but they’ll also maximize the storage space you already have.

Below, you’ll find bins and trays with compartments designed for everything from belts to bras to ties as well as adjustable dividers or inserts for a custom fit. Just be sure to measure your drawers before choosing one so you know it’s the right size.

Beyond bins and trays, you’ll find more unconventional picks like vacuum compression bags to minimize the bulk of seasonal clothing storage and a shirt folder, which can help tidy clothes when you put them away to keep drawers more organized.

With all this in mind, keep reading for my picks that will quickly organize clothes and accessories with minimal effort.


A Set Of Underwear Drawer Organizers With More Than 3,000 Reviews

Keep your underwear organized with a drawer divider set that makes it easier to fold and put away laundry with sections for everything: socks, bras, underwear, ties, or scarves. This set is a best-seller and highly rated with more than 3,000 reviews. Each portable bin is made of mold-proof, non-woven fabric and comes in a set of four with seven color options including black and pink.


A Set Of Customizable Drawer Dividers For The Perfect Fit

Easily create custom sections in any drawer with this set of expandable drawer organizers. Made of shatter-resistant, BPA-free plastic, these dividers adjust to fit to your needs and lock in place with sturdy spring-loaded tension locks. One reviewer commented, “I had a large kitchen drawer filled with typical kitchen ‘stuff’ that was a pain to use since everything was in there all scattered about. The drawer dividers were the perfect answer to this problem. All the items that should be together are now in their proper place and it’s much easier to find what I am looking for.”


A Set Of Collapsible Bins That Work As Drawer Organizers Or Storage Cubes

This set of six collapsible storage bins works in two ways: Use them to organize clothes and accessories inside drawers or use them as storage cubes on a shelf. Each set comes with three pairs of bins in three different sizes for holding both larger and smaller items. When they’re not in use, these bins collapse for streamlined storage.

Made of a non-woven material that covers a cardboard support structure, this set is lightweight and practical. One reviewer wrote, “I use these in my dresser and they are the best. The height is perfect for my dresser. I love how there are different sizes for different items. The material is strong and sturdy. It is also very nice material; not thin at all. They were easy to unfold and stayed unfolded once the base piece was in them. Great price for them.”


These Clear Drawer Organizer Trays That Are Great For Storing Small Items

Corral small accessories in these drawer organizer trays. They’re translucent so everything is easy to see at a glance, and the set of six comes in three sizes with two of each size for several combinations to fit in almost any drawer. One reviewer wrote, “I love these little organizers and now my dressing table is perfectly put together. I don’t know how I function without these little guys. It sure makes life a lot easier.”


A Roll Of Drawer Liners With A Strong Grip To Keep Items In Place

Gorilla Grip’s nonadhesive drawer liner helps get shelves organized. Use it to keep items in place in any drawer, and better yet, combine it with some of the drawer organizers on this list to help keep them from sliding when opening the drawer. This liner comes in five different sizes that are easy to cut down for a custom fit in drawers. The open weave construction makes it breathable yet protective for cabinets, drawers, and shelving. And with 19 different colors and patterns you can even have your drawers matching your decor.


These Adjustable Bamboo Drawer Dividers With Foam Edges To Protect Your Furniture

This set of eco-friendly bamboo drawer dividers are a natural alternative to plastic, and they’re adjustable to fit most drawers, plus they’re beautiful to look at. Durable EVA foam pads at the ends keep the dividers in place and won’t scratch your furniture.

Reviewers love how easy they are to install, and one reviewer wrote, “I wasn’t sure about these but wanted a drawer organizer and they can be expensive. This seemed like an inexpensive alternative, but the spring loaded part I just wasn’t sure about. Well, they’re awesome, you can move them around and they’re easy to use. They have felt on the ends so they don’t mark the drawers. Between these and non slip liner on the bottom of drawers everything stays neat and in place.”


These Honeycomb Dividers That Maximize Your Drawer Space

The unique honeycomb design of these drawer organizer inserts keeps drawers organized and maximizes space. The set of four organizers creates 112 slots for items like underwear, socks, belts, ties, scarves, or other small items. They install in seconds, and the dividers can be cut to fit your needs. One reviewer wrote, “These things are GREAT. I looked at a bunch of them before buying these but these were the best for the price.”


A Folding Board With 2,000+ Reviews To Fold Clothes More Neatly

With this shirt-folding board, you’ll fold your clothes more neatly so your drawers will likely be more organized. Folding steps are printed on the middle of the board for easy reference, and the board works on shirts, pants, dresses, and more in less than five seconds. It’s also collapsible for easy storage.

One reviewer wrote, “Let me start off with this: I hate folding laundry…I decided to try it out and OH. MY. GOSH. I freaking love it! It’s super easy to use and my clothes are perfectly folded every time. As weird as it sounds, I actually look forward to folding my laundry now.”


This Portable Divider System To Help Neatly Stack Your Clothes

Keep your clothes wrinkle-free, neatly stacked, and easy to find with this clothing organization system using interlocking dividers. They’re made of durable recycled plastic and fit easily on shelves or in drawers or suitcases. The dividers also work as a folding board for neat stacks, and the design allows you to pull a shirt from the middle of the stack without disturbing the other items. One reviewer called them “a neat freak dream.”


A Set Of Bamboo Drawer Organizers For Keeping All Your Small Items

Contain accessories in these renewable yet sturdy bamboo organizer boxes. The set of five boxes includes multiple sizes, which allows for many configurations to fit your drawers. One reviewer wrote, “These organizer boxes are wonderful! Not only are they nice looking and sturdy, they are a tremendous help in drawer organization! I have them in my kitchen; bathroom; laundry; bedrooms; and etc.”


An Adjustable Grid Organizer For The Neatest Drawers

This modular aluminum drawer organizer allows you to easily create custom dividers across the length and width of your drawers. The grid design maximizes space and configurations in small, medium, or large drawers. Reviewers love the easy installation, and one reviewer wrote, “This is a great product! It has transformed a messy kitchen drawer into neat compartments of perfect sizes.”


A Lazy Susan To Reduce Clutter & Make Things Easy To Find

Since it turns a full 360 degrees, this lazy Susan organizer is great for deep drawers or cabinets where things can get lost in the back. With five sizable compartments, this modern design is available in eight colors including cream, clear, and light blue. Reviewers love using it to keep small items organized and accessible.


A Versatile Bamboo Drawer Organizer That Resists Water And Mildew

This 100% bamboo drawer organizer is perfect for minimizing drawer clutter in several rooms throughout your home. The 12 compartments with five removable dividers are a good size for holding things like jewelry, belts, ties, and other small accessories. One reviewer wrote, “These are such a great way to organize ties, pocket squares, suspenders, ascots… you name it.”


A Set Of Stackable Jewelry Organizers With Hundreds Of Reviews

While jewelry isn’t technically clothing, these stackable jewelry trays help tame the accessories that seal the deal on any outfit. The faux leather trays have 37 padded compartments designed to hold rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches. One reviewer wrote, “These trays are perfect for organizing my jewelry. They stack on top of each other and fit in my bureau drawer–I used to have everything sitting on top of my dresser, now it’s organized and out of sight in a drawer. Thank you!” They also come in black, bronze, and ivory.


A Set Of Sturdy But Elegant Bins For Organizing Your Underwear Drawer

This underwear organizer set comes with three bins ideally sized for organizing bras, underwear, socks, and ties. Reviewers love the plastic bins for their elegant rounded corners as well as their sturdiness. One shopper wrote, “It’s good for keeping things organized and helpful to see when you are running low on underwear or socks and needs to get a load of clothes done!”


A Set Of Covered Drawer Organizers That Are Also Foldable

Covered drawer organizers protect your items from dust while stored, and these boxes are foldable to save space when not in use. This set includes three boxes of the same size; one has 18 compartments inside for socks, ties, and belts; another has 12 compartments for underwear and scarves and the like; and the third box has one large compartment for storing bulkier items, like bras or towels. They’re also great for storing baby clothes, ties, and belts. One reviewer commented, “Love this new addition to my closet. The organizer is sturdy, uses good materials and has a cover to boot!”


An Organizer To Help Your Bras Hold Their Shape

This plastic bra organizer holds six bras in place with sturdy construction and a design that will help maintain the shape of your bras’ cups. Place the bra organizer in your underwear drawer or use it in a suitcase for travel.


A Jumbo Pack of Vacuum Storage Bags With 11,000+ Reviews

These vacuum storage bags and reduce your clothes’ volume by 80%. These space-saving bags also help protect your clothes and linens from mildew, water, dirt, dust, insects, and odors. Reviewers love the simplicity and effectiveness of these bags, especially when compared to other vacuum storage bags. One shopper commented, “This is a supreme product.”

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