The 10 Best Alarm Clocks For Snoozers In 2021

For those who require their alarm clock to jolt them awake by making a noise that’s comparable in volume to a thunderclap or chainsaw at close range, this compact timer from Screaming Meanie is a must-have for home or travel that makes it hard to fall back asleep. The device is really intended for one thing — getting your attention, loudly, at your desired time — but Amazon reviewers say the bare bones gadget does this job well. Follow the instructions attached to the back of the device to choose between your Screaming Meanie’s two volume settings, 70 and 120 decibels (120 is the thunderclap-level noise, while 70 is more like the volume of a vacuum cleaner), and set it to go off when you need to wake up. This is a countdown timer rather than an alarm clock, so that’s something to keep in mind if you require a clock, but tons of Amazon reviewers report that it’s super useful as a morning wakeup alarm. If you like to snooze, there is an option to snooze the Screaming Meanie — but according to reviewers it’s only twice and only for 5 minutes at a time, so it really does keep snoozing to a minimum.

The lightweight timer is approximately the size of a smartphone, making it easy to tuck in your bag or pocket for travel, and runs off of a 9-volt battery you’ll have to buy separately. The plastic case is designed to be ultra-durable, ideal if you think you might fling it across the room in the morning. It comes in black, yellow, or green, but you can’t choose the color you get.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Look no further for an alarm clock. This thing is a *beast* that just keeps working for years and years and years. I’ve been using mine for over a decade and it still works perfectly. This one was bought for my son, who borrows mine from time to time (and no longer has to now!). We like them better than a clock for waking ourselves up because they’re portable, easy to use, have two different volumes (loud and ridiculously loud), have a button that lights up the screen to let you know how much time is left before the alarm goes off, let you snooze twice (for five minutes each time) before waking up, and can also be used for timing anything else you might need to time in your life. This is a solidly made timer that runs on one 9-volt battery for over a year of use five days a week before needing a new battery. And, last, but not least, the instructions are printed permanently on the back of it so you’ll never forget how to use it.”

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