Sally and Kimmy – 5 month old female Chihuahua Crosses available for adoption

Sally and Kimmy are 5 month old female Chihuahua Crosses. When in September a Lady with her kids visited her cousin, whose dog had puppies, kids fell in love with tiny hamster puppies.

They begged their Mum to take 2 puppies and of course, promised to care for them. And Mum agreed. Puppies were so small that it looked like there would be no problems to own them.

But puppies were growing and started learning the world in their doggy way: stealing and chewing socks, and shoes, loving to eat cables and remote control, shredding as a perfect machine all documents they could find including bills arriving by post through the doors.

They need more and more time. And families including kids, have less and less time available. And the family made the hard decision to rehome puppies as considered they can’t meet their needs and wished them to be happy.

Sally and Kimmy are very loving and very trusty to everyone. Nothing they wish more than to play, run and cuddle near humans.

They are active and very cute and able to make anybody smile. They can brighten any home with joy and unconditional happiness. They lived all their life together, so of course are attached.

But they are at the age when separation will not harm them. They will be fine if the family will have enough time for them or if there is another playful young dog in their new home.

Sally and Kimmy are partially housetrained (in a garden in day time and pads at night), while rare accidents are still possible, especially when they play too long. They just started their leadership training and made their first success, while training still needs to be continued.

Sally and Kimmy will ideally suit any dog lovers family, who has correct expectations about having a puppy, understand their needs and is ready to meet them: puppies learn the world by chewing, and they need to play and have active interaction time with a human.

Hey can be mouthy when playing, they need love and patience, as they are just kids. The rescue will be happy to provide specially designed materials to help to pass this period smoothly.

Sally and Kimmy are healthy, not neutered due to young age (new owners should commit to neutering them after 7 months old or after the first season), and microchipped. They have puppy vaccinations.

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