Reflecting On 13 Years – It Starts With Coffee

It’s hard to believe I started this blog 13 years ago today. I have written thousands of posts since then. I am still shocked every day that something I started purely for fun has turned into my full-time job.  I will never not appreciate that I am able to provide for my family, be here with my kids for anything they do, and have the freedom I have while getting to do what I love. So here I sit reflecting on 13 years in this space and what I have learned.

Reflecting On 13 Years

Things were VERY different 13 years ago. I was on Blogger like most people. Blogs weren’t very intricate. Most were just basic designs and we all really like the animated-looking character graphics. We loved to write in the center of the page and change fonts and colors a lot. We used a lot of Blackberry or poor-quality photos. It was really a time.

Now things are more polished. This is a business, not a hobby although it is still very much enjoyable for me.

A lot of people focus more on Instagram now and while it’s a necessary evil it will never be my platform of choice. Long-form content will always be what I prefer. One thing I always tell influencers is that your blog is all you own. While it may be nice to have a million followers on Instagram that can be gone in a second and you have zero control. So if you put all of your time and energy there what happens when it’s gone? You have no control over what gets seen or when it’s seen and by who. With your blog, you hold the control.

As I sit here reflecting on 13 years in this space and in this business I think about all the things I have learned. Most of which I have shared in posts before but the biggest thing I have learned is to always be true to yourself. If that means only taking on sponsored campaigns that make sense for you then do that. If that means only writing about a certain subject then do that. Whatever it means at the end of the day you need to be true to yourself.

I have no idea how long this will be my career. Obviously, I hope for many many years to come. I love what I do. But for now, I will enjoy it however long it is and continue to spend time in this space.

Thank you all for reading. If you’ve been here since the beginning or found me along the way. I appreciate you!


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