Pop-up blockers can still let websites spy on you — how to actually avoid being tracked online

There’s no end to the cookie pop-up menace. Everywhere you go on the internet, your screen is hijacked by a giant billboard-sized pop-up that asks if it’s OK for the website to track you online. And your answer is always a resounding no. Yet, you have to click that “Decline” button each time, and often, it’s buried under some complicated jargon. Luckily, there is a browser extension on every platform to block and reject cookie consent pop-ups on your behalf.   

The easiest way around the annoying cookie prompts is to automate your response to the consent pop-up. On your computer and phone, you can install third-party extensions and apps that automatically signal websites to respect your right to privacy whenever you come across a data collection pop-up online. Here’s how to set them up. 

Windows, macOS: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge

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