Phone Efficiency

by Olga

(London (UK))

iPhone 5c

I use my phone mostly to text message private clients for appointments. Due to Data Protection Act I am reluctant to save my clients’ phone numbers on the phone (just in case it gets lost, stolen etc). So far I have gone through an HTC, Samsung and iPhone and I have to say that HTC was the best one of all of them. It remembered numbers, so I did not have to type the whole number. Whereas with Samsung and iPhone I have to digit the whole number because the phone app does not recognize it or remembers it. For that reason alone I would go back to an HTC phone as it serves better my use of the phone.

The second reason I use my phone is to find locations in London, so Navigation app is important for me. At the same time, I do not have my location on all the time as quite keen to keep that private!! So the best phones for that were again HTC and iPhone. I am new to iPhone so i have not explored it fully, but I am happy with what I have seen so far. The accuracy is there and I can feel confident that I can find the place with that Navigation app.

Lastly batteries life- HTC was really bad, Samsung Galaxy Mini S3 was the best and iPhone 5c not doing too bad. As i cycle everywhere, my rucksack has to be light and I don’t want to carry the charger, so battery life is important for me and for that Samsung was the best.

But for what I use my phone for, I still think that HTC better serves my purpose, and I honestly cannot see what the big deal is with iPhone.

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