NielsenIQ Enters Agreement to Acquire Rakuten Intelligence & Data Impact

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Global measurement and data analytics provider, NielsenIQ announced this week their acquisition of Data Impact and Rakuten Intelligence, both online ecommerce companies.

NielsenIQ hopes the acquisitions will drive value to the company’s e-commerce and omnichannel measurement solutions — allowing the company to view consumer and retail measurement industries with a comprehensive view of the online marketplace.

With ecommerce sales making up 12% of consumer packaged goods (CPG) sales in the US and up to 30% of sales in global markets, NeilsenIQ is working to further understand the marketplace as a whole. As current e-commerce measurement is highly fragmented, resulting in disparate offerings that do not allow an integrated and consistent view of the total market, the Chicago, IL based company hopes their recent acquisitions can help change that.

“Measuring ecommerce is a top strategic imperative for NielsenIQ,” says Natalie Williams, Head of North America Measurement Product Leadership at NielsenIQ. “Together we can transform the way we measure e-commerce sales and how fast the shopper journey evolves by delivering powerful machine learning-driven insights to our clients around the world.”

The goal behind acquiring Data Impact, a cutting-edge provider in omnichannel analytics solutions, is to acccelerate NielsenIQ’s omnichannel service. According to NeilsenIQ, Data Impact provides a hyper-granular view of banner and store-level e-commerce insights — which NeilsenIQ says they’ll be able to scale to a global level through their large retail measurement footprint.

“Combining our technology with Data Impact’s unique offering enables us to offer manufacturers and retailers unparalleled, comprehensive coverage with the granularity needed to make winning omnichannel decisions,” says Jim Peck, Executive Chairman and CEO of NielsenIQ.

Rakuten Intelligence on the other hand, which works to connect leading agencies, brands and publishers to active and engaged consumers around the world, has already been in an exclusive agreement with NeilsenIQ for the past three years. While already using that agreement, to working to combine Rakuten Intelligence’s largest e-commerce purchase panel in the U.S. with NielsenIQ’s retail sales data, the recent acquisition can now allow the organization to deliver their clients an integrated online and offline read, aligned to custom client hierarchies and underpinned by the company’s cloud-based Connect platform.

Today, NeilsenIQ has operations in nearly 100 different markets, covering more than 90% of the world’s population. With e-commerce markets estimated to grow at a 15% compounded annual growth rate through 2025, the company is already working to adapt in the ever-changing e-commerce ecosystem.

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