Next iPad Pro may feature ‘reverse wireless charging’ technology — Apple plans to launch in 2022

Apple is reportedly planning to launch its next iPad Pro with new wireless charging technology by 2022, along with a completely refreshed iPad mini later in 2021.

According to insiders speaking to Bloomberg, the tech giant’s upcoming tablet is set to feature a glass back instead of the current iPad Pro’s aluminium frame. This will enable wireless charging, similar to how Apple’s MagSafe charger works with its latest iPhone 12

The report also claims Apple is working on a new charging feature for the iPad Pro named “reverse wireless charging.” Using the back of the iPad Pro, users would be able to place other Apple devices, such as an iPhone or AirPods Pro, on the glass surface and charge the devices.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of the new charging tech. An Apple patent filed last year gave us a first hint of the tech giant adopting reverse wireless charging, with rumors indicating the iPhone would be the first to adopt the new method. Perhaps this is something we can expect the iPhone 13 to feature.

Apple is also reportedly exploring other wireless charging methods, including being able to charge a device from a distance — much like Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge Technology that can charge a smartphone from across a room. As Bloomberg claims, this wireless charging method is still years away. 

Apple to redesign its iPad 

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