New PS5 tipped to launch with detachable disc drive

Sony is expected to launch a new PS5 with a detachable disc drive in 2023, with sources stating it will completely replace the previous PlayStation 5 models — and test kits are already “in people’s hands.”

According to sources speaking with industry insider Tom Henderson via Insider Gaming, The PlayStation 5 will be getting a “unique overhaul” that’s set to launch in September 2023. Interestingly, Henderson states that the new console, known as the D chassis PlayStation 5, will “completely replace the A, B, and C chassis.”

This includes the recent Digital PS5 which weighs less. However, don’t expect any major upgrades, as it’s expected to have identical hardware as previous models.

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Henderson now states that this new model is now out in the wild, with test kits apparently “working flawlessly.” What’s more, the tipster states that we’ll hear more about the new PS5 soon.

The most intriguing inclusion of this revamped model is the inclusion of a detachable disc drive. According to the report, this drive will be connected to the PS5 via an additional USB-C port on the back of the console. 

(Image credit: Sony)

The detachable disc drive will be sold in a bundle, while the new PS5 model is expected to be sold on its own. Having a detachable disc drive will undoubtedly increase the PS5’s portability and decrease its weight. and sources state it won’t ruin the PlayStation 5’s aesthetic. This points to the new model looking similar to previous consoles. What’s more, it will “attach to it without looking external.”

Sony is no stranger to updating its PlayStation consoles, and while it may not be an upgrade of sorts, a new model with a detachable disc drive could make the PS5 more widely available. For all things PlayStation, check out our thoughts on PlayStation Plus Premium and the differences between PS5 vs. PS5 Digital Edition.

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