More Bags in the Wild from SoHo and Williamsburg

Bag-hunting may be a bit more tedious in Williamsburg, but the gems spotted in the crowds of aforementioned tote-bag-toters are well worth the wait.

There’s no shade on the totes, but this is PurseBlog, and they’re just not what we’re here to see!

My latest trip to Williamsburg brought my first in-person sightings of a light green Prada Cleo and a Givenchy Cut-Out shoulder bag, both of which were styled to perfection.

Other noteworthy Williamsburg wins include a lilac Bottega Padded Cassette, a bold Telfar styling job, and a classic bucket bag from the Row.

Back in SoHo, the usual suspects were, of course, present. Vintage Louis Vuitton, a little red mystery, a gorgeous Celine, and the ubiquitous Dior Saddle, accompanied by a crisp white dress, were all stunners.

Skirts, Dresses, and Lots of Designer!

Bags in the Wild SoHo Sept. 1 9
Bags in the Wild SoHo Sept. 1 5
Bags in the Wild SoHo Sept. 1 18
Bags in the Wild SoHo Sept. 1 21
Bags in the Wild SoHo Sept. 1 11

Photos via @bykylemark for PurseBlog

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