Monthly Wellness Series Month Six: Body Image – It Starts With Coffee

I feel like this month is a great time to talk about body image. We are going into swimsuit season, short season, AKA the season where women start to feel their most self-conscious.  For me, this is the season I always dreaded in the past. Having to be outside in a swimsuit or even worse….shorts! UGH! I have spent the better part of my 37 years in a battle with my body. After being diagnosed very young with body dysmorphia it’s been a constant battle. That’s why I wanted this month’s monthly wellness series to be about body image.

monthly wellness series

Monthly Wellness Series Month Six: Body Image

Why I think it’s important:

Body image is something I think everyone struggles with at least a little. But it’s important especially as a mother that I love my body. My kids are watching everything I do and say. I started way too young worrying about numbers and my body and I do not want my kids to have that. Instead, I give them foods that are WHOLE GOOD FOODS, I make sure they get plenty of outdoor playtime, and I compliment things other than their looks and appearance. If we all did that I wonder if the issue of body image would cease to exist? It’s also important for my mental health! It’s important for all of our mental health to have a healthy relationship with our body and body image.  I love this article for body positivity and kids!

What I do:

I am not perfect at body image and body positivity at all. In fact, I struggle more often than I care to admit. One thing I try to remember is the scale is not the whole story. The scale doesn’t know how much muscle I have, or what time of the month it is. The scale is not going to decide my happiness every day. I also DO NOT look at scales at the Dr office. I started that while pregnant with Charlotte. It was way too depressing! I try to go more on how I feel and how my clothes fit vs a number. I also cut tags out of clothes when I start to worry about the number on a tag too much!

This month’s challenge:

DO NOT WEIGH YOURSELF! Just go the entire month listening to your body, eating foods that make you feel good, doing exercises that make you feel good, and wearing clothes that make you feel good. I am also going to do this too!

What are your feelings on body image?







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