Monthly Wellness Series Month Nine: Skincare – It Starts With Coffee

I can’t believe we are already at month nine of my monthly wellness series. I love this series so much and I have had the best time chatting with you guys about it. This month’s focus is on skincare which is a very important part of wellness. I am not JUST talking about serums and moisturizers.

monthly wellness series

Monthly Wellness Series Month Nine: Skincare

Why I think it’s important:

Skincare is probably one of the MOST important parts of wellness. Your skin health is just as important as anything else and skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer. Ignoring your skin is a HUGE mistake. You can also combat forms of aging by taking care of your skin.

What I do:

First of all I started getting yearly skin checks from a dermatologist at 16. It’s something I have been very diligent about my entire adult  life. If I notice anything out of the ordinary going on with my skin I always go see my Dermatologist. I’ve been seeing the same one for over 20 years. I also NEVER go to sleep with makeup on. I wish I could go back and smack 22 year old me who did this all the time but it’s sooooo bad for your skin. Having a solid morning an evening skincare routine is also very important. You can read my current one here. Beyond all of the wonderful things in my skincare routine, I use SPF every single day. No matter what the season or weather I put SPF on my skin daily.

This month’s challenge:

This month I have two simple challenges for you! Schedule a skin check with a dermatologist (if you haven’t had one this year). The second is to go every single day for 30 days washing your face at night! Simple right?


What do you do for your skin?










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