Monthly Wellness Series Month Five: Goal Setting – It Starts With Coffee

I can’t believe it’s already time for another month of my monthly wellness series! This month I want to focus on goal setting. I have posted monthly goals on this blog for about 4 years now. I love doing it because it keeps me accountable and as I have heard from so many people, it motivates others to set goals too.

monthly wellness series

Monthly Wellness Series Month Five: Goal Setting

Why I think it’s important:

I think goals are important to have and have written out so that you can frequently look at them to see if you are making progress. I also think it’s important to have realistic and attainable goals. I think setting goals gives you purpose for the month/year etc and also helps you achieve longer term goals. To me, goals really give me things to strive towards and make me feel a sense of accomplishment on my own. Having something for yourself is so important!

What I do:

I think about the things I want to accomplish long term. I always set yearly goals first. Then I look at how those yearly goals are doing and if there is anything I can do in a given month to work towards those yearly goals. I also think of short term things I want to accomplish when it comes to work, family, marriage, personal, fitness etc. From there I try to nail down 8-10 goals for each month and cover all of those categories so that I am constantly working on those areas.

This months challenge:

This month’s challenge is very simple. I challenge you to make a list of goals either for the rest of the year or just next month! Make them attainable but still challenging for you.








Are you a goal setter? Do you make monthly/yearly goals? Share below! 

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