Monthly Wellness Series Month Eight: Self-Love – It Starts With Coffee

It’s crazy to think this is my 8th month of this monthly wellness series. This month I am focusing on self-love which is a part of wellness that I think we overlook. Loving ourselves is so important and honestly something I struggle with at times. I am not the most confident person (even though I give off that vibe). So this month I am really challenging myself right along with you!

monthly wellness series


Monthly Wellness Series Month Eight: Self-Love

Why I think it’s important:

I feel like women are so critical of themselves. It starts so young and even younger now with social media. We look through magazines, see women in movies and on TV and start giving ourselves these unrealistic expectations of how we should look, feel, act, think, etc. Then when we don’t look or think or act or feel that way the self love starts to diminish. We think we aren’t worthy enough, pretty enough, smart enough, funny enough, and so on. Now that I have a daughter I am so careful with how I speak about myself in front of her as I do not want her having negative thoughts about herself. I want her to grow up and love herself.  So then I think to myself, if it’s so important to me that she loves herself, why do I not love myself enough?

What I do:

Honestly, not enough! This is the biggest struggle for me. I doubt myself constantly: my choices, my decisions, my feelings, my abilities. I feel a strong sense of imposter syndrome at times, and I give myself a lot of negative self-talk. But one thing that has helped is like I mentioned above, I do not do these things in front of my kids. I want to raise confident children who are kind to themselves and others. So the less I talk badly about myself in front of them the less I do it in general.

This month’s challenge:

I have a few things I am going to do this month that I hope you do right along with me. First, make a list of all the things I love about myself in all aspects: physical appearance, abilities, personality, etc. Read that list any time you doubt yourself! Second, write notes to yourself on stickies and put them on your bathroom or bedroom mirror. That way you are seeing these things CONSTANTLY! Third, every day say 5 positive affirmations about yourself right when you wake up and 5 right before you go to bed. I am hoping by doing these things my self-love improves and yours does too!

Do you struggle with self-love? Will you be doing this monthly wellness series challenge with me?

Super helpful article about the benefits of positive self-talk!










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