Millie T @milliet25 – Age, Net Worth and Social Media Influencer Profiles

Not many people would succeed in YouTube because the competition is tough, and the audience is knowledgeable in their selection. Meanwhile, Millie is a rare exception in that case.

Since she started her YouTube career, she saw incredible success. Millie is a social media sensation and a significant influencer.

Apart from YouTube, Millie also sues Instagram and Tiktok. Furthermore, she keeps on posting about her lifestyle and everything which she likes the most. Millie often collaborates with her friends and family and shares videos with her fans.

Her content creation is as perfect as it gets. Besides, ranging from product reviews, beauty tutorials, and fashion hauls to pranks and comedic challenges, she never seems to be providing a dull and pathetic moment to viewers.

Millie’s DIY tutorial Video went viral overnight, and these videos some of the best you will ever find on the YouTube platform.

The journey of starting a YouTube channel and becoming a social media influencer has a lot of things to like about. Her passion and dedication towards beauty and fashion saw her much deserved respect and admiration.

Milles regularly shares tutorials on makeup and about her favorite outfits through artistic and OOTD’s snaps.

With 1.3m subscribers on YouTube, Mille has been a vocal voice on that platform. Besides Instagram and YouTube, her content is well within reach on Tiktok as well. In Tiktok, she has received over 20m likes and counting.

After Joining, The Wave House on Tiktok, a content creator house, enjoyed huge success. Millie’s mantra towards her work is simple, work with passion and dedication and then see the results.

You can join her at @milliet25 / Instagram if you want to know more insightful things about Millie. 

Social Media Reach

  • YouTube Subscribers: 1.3m+
  • Instagram Followers: 358k+
  • Tiktok Followers: 777k+

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