Microsoft Paint and Notepad get a ‘Fluent Design’ overhaul in Windows 11

Microsoft officially revealed Windows 11, to kick off a new era of the Windows OS, and it comes with a completely revamped UI. What’s more, classic apps including Microsoft Paint and Notepad will also be getting a modernized update.

As part of Microsoft’s Fluent Design system, giving the OS a softer, less aggressive aesthetic with more rounded corners on icons, MS Paint and Notepad will finally be getting a fresh coat of UI paint. 

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As spotted in Microsoft’s special event for developers, the apps have an updated header to look similar to every other app to be modernized by the Fluent Design update. For example, windows for each app will have an icon and the title in the header instead of the current “Save” and “Undo” icons on the current Windows 10 version of MS Paint.

The updated design also brings new icons, including for the Clipboard, Image and Tool sections seen on MS Paint. It appears the revamped apps are only getting a visual update, as the same tools appear in both versions of MS paint on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Fluent Design’s main function brings a consistent look to all of Microsoft’s apps on Windows 11, meaning MS Paint and Notepad won’t look so outdated on the new OS. Microsoft did not state any changes coming to the classic apps, but we may get a better look at additional functions once the Windows 11 insider preview releases.

Microsoft isn’t just giving its UI a new look, as even Windows 11’s new widget design is cleaner and comes with drag and drop simplicity.

Window 11 will be a free upgrade for Windows 10 users, but there are a few requirements your laptop or desktop will need to run Microsoft’s OS. Check if your laptop can run Windows 11.

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