Men Tell All’ & Are They Dating?

We’ve finally reached the Men Tell All episode of Katie Thurston’s Bachelorette season, and fans have some thoughts about a moment involving Connor Brennan, a kiss, and an audience member. During Brennan’s interview with hosts Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams, they discussed the sparkless kiss that got him eliminated from the show. While they were reliving that moment, a woman stood up in the audience, said she couldn’t imagine him being a bad kisser, walked down to the stage, and shared a kiss with Brennan.

Fans likely recall Thurston showing up to Brennan’s room after their one on one date, and telling him she didn’t feel a spark between them. She told him, “There was something missing in that kiss, and that was hard for me.” Brennan was devastated, asking during an on-camera interview, “How bad of a kisser am I?” The still-to-be-identified woman from the audience joined him on the couch after they kissed, and shared that she’d rank his kiss an 11 out of 10. Despite her confident ranking, Twitter still had thoughts about their moment and some fans thought the “candid kiss” was definitely staged.

Some fans took to Twitter to share how strange it was to watch a “random woman” kiss the former contestant out of the blue.

And some fans expressed their concern that having a random kiss, staged or not, seemed cringe, particularly because of Covid.

And, some fans were just jealous that they weren’t the ones lip-locking with Brennan.

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