Memes & Tweets About Greg’s ‘Bachelorette’ Truth Or Dare Date

It may only be episode four of Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette but fans are already on a rollercoaster when it comes to who they’d love for the Bachelorette to end up with and who they think is absolutely cringe. Enter, Greg Grippo. The fan-favorite is getting absolutely roasted on Twitter for his poor showing during this week’s group date.

During the date, which was focused on truth or date challenges, Grippo decided to share some umm… geography-based dirty talk in attempts to win over Thurston. This included but was not limited to yikes inducing quotes like “everything is bigger in Texas” and “bend over and let me show you the 50 states” leaving us wondering why the episode didn’t start with a viewer discretion is advised warning or at least end with a notes app apology.

This is not the first time the fan-favorite has made bachelor nation question whether or not he should be ousted. Last week, he went on an outdoorsy date with Thurston where he attempted to make a toilet out of a bucket and basically made it clear that he’d barely been outside before.

Basically, fans are starting to question the top runner.

During one of the challenges, Grippo had to eat jalapenos during a proposal, and… it wasn’t cute.

And then, as is with all falls from grace, he started to get compared to emojis and even.. handsome Shrek.

Of course, some die-hard Grippo fans showed their very unconditional support.

But the majority of Bachelor nation agreed, that his dirty talk was literally the worst.

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