Max Morley @maxmorley77 – Age, Net Worth and Social Media Influencer Profiles

Max Morley entered into the Love Island series in 2015, and since then, he has been a massive success story over the years. Many will feel surprised that Max is a former cricket who had a huge passion for cricket.

When Jessica Hayes, Max’s partner, arrived in his life, they both won a show and introduced themselves in the bigger picture.

Before becoming a celebrity star and a social media influencer, Max played for Durham, a famous county club team in the UK. Max was pretty good at both bat and bowl. It is why he helped his team to win a lot of matches on his head.

Later in his career, Max realized he needs to evolve as a human and as a personality. Soon after he appeared on Love Island, he also featured in the famous show Ex On The Beach. Max is a relatively talented and good-looking guy; this probably makes him a perfect match for being a reality TV star.

Besides his all the achievements, Max is also good at impressing ladies beautifully. He dated the likes of Zara Holland, Naomi Ball, and Charlotte Crosby.

After joining Instagram, Max saw a flood of fans following him. It is why Max is a befitting social media influencer for those who want a good adviser. Max has revealed that he aims to become a full-time model.

With his hardworking timeouts and dedication towards modeling, Max is making massive progress on the path of becoming a well-known model whose words speak volumes.

He often likes to share his family and personal photo on Instagram to remain intact with his followers.

If this particular piece isn’t enough for you to know about Max Morley, you can follow Max at @maxmorley77 / Instagram.

Social Media Reach

  • Instagram Followers: 259k

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