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In 2014, Dominik Pinter did some self-reflection and wrote down his vision for his future: He wanted to either start a company or be in a C-suite position by the time he turned 35. Impressively, that’s exactly what happened. Pinter, now 36, became CEO of Kentico over a year ago in 2022.

Pinter’s journey at Kentico began in 2007, when he was still a student. He applied to a part-time quality assurance role, and from there, his career only grew. He eventually became a technical leader and later a product manager.

His ambitions grew and he left Kentico in 2015 to join a hospitality technology startup. From there, he joined an enterprise-level software company as the leader of a product team. It was here that Pinter realized he missed working at smaller companies and startups, where people have the opportunity to make a bigger impact. This realization led him back to Kentico in 2020, where he joined as the vice president of product management.

“When I came back in 2020, I had a chance to finally realize my vision of where the product should go,” Pinter said.

By July 2022, Pinter was the CEO. How his career journey arrived to such a great height in a short period of time is a fascinating story — and informs a lot about the future direction of Kentico as a company.

Inside Pinter’s Ambitions

From QA to CEO sounds like an unbelievable leap, but Pinter attributes his success to his determination, willingness to learn and technical talent. He began coding in third grade and loved learning various coding languages over the years. He has a visceral thirst for knowledge and aims to learn at least one new thing every day — advice he took from his mother.

Pinter likes working at smaller organizations for many reasons. He loves the feeling of accomplishment that he’s made a real difference, and he loves the fast pace of leading a small company. “I need to learn something new every day,” he said. “This opportunity to be a CEO of a fast-growing company — you’re really learning a lot every day.”

His technical knowledge has helped him a lot as a CEO and helps inform his decision-making as a leader. Even as someone on top of the ladder, he makes sure to educate himself on the latest technical trends through industry publications, conferences, networking and more. As he learns more about the business-side of being a CEO, he appreciates the guidance and advice of other executives, like Kentico’s new Chief Revenue Officer Bill Cunningham.

Pinter values psychological hygiene, which he gains through hobbies such as mountain biking and running. He’s an avid runner who just ran his first marathon this year in Prague. He says it’s important to not work all the time, to go outside and to let your mind be free. Pinter is also extremely disciplined, as he shows through the care he puts into his work, his favorite hobby and, most importantly, parenting his two children, ages 7 and 10.

Pinter’s Professional Influences

Many people have inspired Pinter as a leader. To this day, he remembers the advice from a Kentico VP of product as the best leadership advice he’s ever received. When you lead a team, it’s all about the people and making them the best at their job. “It’s not about yourself as a leader,” he said. He also told Pinter,“there’s only one priority number one. The key to success is that you focus on that.” To this day, Pinter takes this advice to heart and places extreme importance on focusing and prioritizing. Once he finishes priority number one, he can move on to the next priority number one.

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