June 2021 Goals – It Starts With Coffee

It’s June! So hard to believe because this year is FLYING! With a new month comes new goals! I love a good goal-setting session and I am all about accountability which is why I love doing these posts so much! But first, let’s see how I did in May before we dive into my June 2021 goals!

In May I wanted to…

  • Read 4 books: I actually read 5! Yay for no more reading rut!
  • Go on 4 outdoor walks a week: I definitely did this the weeks it wasn’t raining. It rained about half the month. We did go for indoor walks the other days though!
  • Clean and organize Liam’s closet: YES! So glad that’s done!
  • Grow Pinterest by 200: Not quite but I did grow!
  • Grow Instagram by 500: Yes yes yes!
  • Finish summer blog content outline: Mostly done!
  • Secure 3 new brand partnerships: Yes! It was a much slower month than the previous 4 but still good.
  • Have at least one date with Andrew: Ugh sadly no BUT we planned a trip, and booked 3 dates! One next weekend!
  • Spend time with a friend: Yes I saw so many friends this month! So glad to be back to doing those kinds of things.

In June I want to…

  • Read 4 books
  • Have two dates with Andrew
  • Take Charlotte to do at least 2 fun outings a week
  • Take Liam to do something fun after camp at least one day a week
  • Start getting organized for Charlotte starting school in August
  • Have at least one friend date
  • Secure 4 new brand partnerships
  • Start working on back to school, holiday content planning
  • Work on securing things for our upcoming vacations

What is one of your June 2021 goals?



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