January 2023 Goals – It Starts With Coffee

Happy 2023 friends! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Years. It’s crazy to think how long I have been sharing my monthly goals on this blog but it’s one of my favorite things to do and be able to look back on and hold myself accountable. It’s time to share my January 2023 goals and also see how I did in December.


January 2023 goals

January 2023 Goals


In December I wanted to…

  • Do something fun with my friends at least twice: I went and had a wellness day with one of my best friends and another friend and I had a fun holidate doing a home tour and brunch!
  • Two date nights with Andrew: We had one and the other we had to cancel because Charlotte got sick.
  • Host a holiday get-together: Yes I had a fun cookie exchange/white elephant party with girlfriends
  • Walk every single day: In some way shape or form yes I did!
  • Organize kids closets
  • Read 8 books: Yes I read 11!
  • Secure at least 3 brand partnerships for the new year: I did secure some for next year before the year ended!
  • Post to TikTok 5 times: Ugh no I need to step it up here
  • Post to Instagram 7 times: Eh fail. I did post 5 times though
  • Take the kids to do 5 holiday activities: Oh yes, we did all the things. Arboretum, driving around to look at lights, carriage ride, neighborhood Christmas tree lighting, Enchant Christmas, seeing Santa, Santa story time
  • RELAX: I mean as much as I could with two kids

In January I want to…

  • Feel organized before we leave for our trip
  • Read 10 books
  • Post 5 times to TikTok and 7 times to Instagram
  • Walk every single day
  • Get everything planned for Liam’s 6th birthday in February
  • Do at least two fun things with friends
  • Plan content out for the rest of Q1
  • Finish my business goals for the year
  • Figure out our 2023 travel plans with the kids

What is one of your January 2023 goals?

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