Jake and Honey – 5 month old male and female Cross-Breeds available for adoption

Jake and Honey are adorable 5 month old male and female Cross-Breeds from Romania. Born under traumatic conditions in Romanian kill shelter. They are brother and sister. Jake is the brown and white puppy and Honey the black puppy. Both Jake and Honey are very playful puppies, love their cuddles, both very sweet natured puppies. Jake is full of energy and Honey a bit shyer. They can be adopted separately.

We feel Honey would benefit from living in a home with other dogs to help build her confidence as she is shy and more nervous than Jake. They are fostered together with their mother, also looking for a home (their other brother already adopted). The mother is medium size dog, short legs, so we expect Honey to be medium size dog or slightly smaller. Jake has long legs, he would be taller. Definite size is unknown.

They never been on a lead before coming onto our care, but they are now perfectly well on a lead, know basic commands and fully house trained. They are not cats tested as there aren’t any, but sharing perfectly with the residents dogs.

We always state with all our pups that adopters must expect chewing, poohing, even some sleepless nights all kinds of other potential mischief because that is what puppies do until they are taught not to and it makes us quite grumpy if they are returned for any of these anticipated behaviours.

Honey may be quiet and shy at first but the aim is for her to grow in confidence and to become like any other pain in the backside pup! When the mischief starts that’s when you’ll know you’re doing a great job.

All dogs are vaccinated, microchipped and neutered (unless the dog is too young to be neutered). We would require neutering as soon as the age become appropriate.

Jake and Honey are fostered in Boston area.

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