iPhone 15 Pro overheating caused by ‘compromises’ in thermal design

It wouldn’t be a flagship phone launch without at least some reported problems and for the iPhone 15 Pro, we can now add overheating to the previous reports of discoloration and frame alignment issues. Highly respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo states that the reported overheating issue noticed by some iPhone 15 Pro users since its launch has nothing to do with TSMC’s 3nm node, which powers the A17 Bionic chip (via MacRumors). 

In a post he wrote for Medium, Kuo says that the overheating problems are most likely caused by “compromises made in the thermal system design,” which Apple made in an effort to cut down the iPhone 15 Pro’s weight. Kuo also noted that the reduced thermal dissipation area combined with the titanium frame hurt the device’s ability to regulate internal heat. 

Apple, for its part, will likely try to address the overheating issues in upcoming software updates. Although this may solve the problem, it could force Apple to lower processor performance to achieve better thermal cooling.  

iPhone 15 Pro overheating caused by ‘compromised’ thermal design

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Overheating and performance concerns

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