iPhone 13 mini vs iPhone 12 mini: which small iPhone should you buy?

Apple hit a home run last year with the iPhone 12 mini. It managed to squeeze the same high-end hardware of the iPhone 12 into a body that fits in the palm of a hand — minus most of the usual small phone compromises. In our review, we found it close to impossible to fault it. Yet, a year later, Apple has somehow crammed in a range of improvements in that same body for its successor: the iPhone 13 mini

The new iPhone 13 mini patches the few shortcomings that prevented the 12 mini from becoming a commercial success. Most notably, the battery is 10% larger and promises to last longer on a charge. The rest of the iPhone 13 mini’s package, though, is an incremental upgrade, and with the 12 mini available at its lowest price ever, the all-important question is whether the former’s minor improvements are enough to justify paying a higher price for it today?

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