Import Export Business Name Generator + (Instant Availability Check)

Step-by-step Guide to Naming your Import Export Business

Now that you’ve got a flavour for the import export business, it’s time to put your own foot forward. We’ve broken down the naming process into six simple steps for you to follow.

Establish your business type

Your first step to finding the perfect name is to define your business type. We’ve already seen that the possibilities within the import export industry are broad. Some of the different business types within the trade include:

  • Import company
  • Export company
  • Import export consultancy service
  • Intermediary between buyer and supplier
  • Supply chain technology platform

Decide on your target markets

Once you’ve settled on your business type, you need to dip deeper and establish two things.

Firstly, what products will you be working with? This is especially relevant for import companies; are you going to supply a niche range of products from overseas that have high demand in the domestic market?

Secondly, what is the target audience for your product? If you’re an exporter, what markets look most fruitful to you? As a consultant, are your services applicable to all businesses or specialist ones?

Brainstorm keywords

Now that you’ve settled on the overarching business model, it’s time to find a name that truly reflects your company’s services and values.

Keywords are terms that closely relate to your product and appeal to your target audience. Try to come up with 5-10 keywords that you could include in your business name.

To give you a hand, let’s use Artisanal Imports as an example. The keyword here is ‘Artisinal’, since it conveys the company’s USP of supplying hand-crafted European beers. For this market, ‘authentic’, ‘homestyle’ or ‘bespoke’ are all alternative keywords that could also be used.

Use the Import Export Business Name Generator

Hopefully, you now have a list of quality keywords that represent your business. Converting these words into sophisticated business names might seem like a challenge; fortunately, the Import Export Business Name Generator is here to help.

One by one, input your keywords into the name generator and see what company names catch your eye. Remember to use the filter options for character length, keyword positioning, number of words and rhyme to narrow down your options.

Shortlist around five of the best business names.

Conduct market research

It’s time to put your five shortlisted names to the test.

Get in touch with as many people as you can—clients, colleagues, friends, family—who would be willing to answer a few questions. If you know anyone with inside knowledge of the import export business, that’s a bonus!

Devise a short name testing survey. Some of the questions you ask participants for each of the five business names could be:

  • What is your immediate reaction to this name?
  • What kind of services do you associate with this name?
  • Is the name easy to pronounce?

Check availability

Based on the feedback from your name testing survey, select a name that you are happy to commit to. All that remains is to check that the name is still available.

Firstly, search for other businesses to check that the name hasn’t already been copyrighted. This is crucial; violation of trademark laws can constitute a serious crime.

Secondly, check to see if your business name is available as a web domain. Having a website that is consistent with your business name will make it easier for potential partners to find you.

If your desired name doesn’t check out on both of these fronts, try again with another from your shortlist.

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