I’m Just a Girl Who Wants This Prada Raffia Bag In Every Color

There is not one groundbreaking thing I will share with you in this post. I’ve already covered this bag many times. I’ve even covered the newer iteration of this bag that I carried (in 2 colors!) on my trip to the Bahamas and that only helped me to fall in love with the bag even more. Yet here I am, again, telling you that this unlikely bag quickly became a bag that I obsess over. The Prada Raffia Tote is the bag I didn’t know would work into my heart in such an unlikely and profound way.

Is this Raffia Bag for you?

Yes, it’s simple – so simple. Yes, if you don’t like seeing the brand logo on a bag, you won’t like this bag. But if you love a more seasonally-themed bag that is lightweight and fun and reminds you of beach trips and warm weather, you might be like me and want this bag in every color.

That is what I am here to talk to you about today, the additional colorways that Prada offers aside from tan and black (which would be the far more logical choice and work with more of your wardrobe). But on a bag like this, why be logical? Pick something more fun – just like the bag itself.

I know not everyone lives in a tropical climate like I do, but another plus for this bag is it packs up super easily – you can just roll it up and then take it out when it’s time for your next trip. Though you can see holes in the crocheting of the bag design itself, I don’t find them large enough to let items fall through, plus I use a lot of pouches with a bag like this.

Introducing the many colorways

The colors I am talking about are yellow, lily, celeste (which is the iconic Prada blue), and citron green – probably my new favorite color. I wind up seeing a lot of these bags in the wild, with different people carrying them in various colorways, and it actually only makes me like it more. I find it highly practical for where I live, but because of the material (well, and even the construction, which makes even less material be used), the bag is also super lightweight.

It’s just an easy bag in every sense, and sometimes I am even more drawn to easy. Plus, I like how the Prada triangle sits in the center of this bag, along with the embroidered lettering of the logo. Dimensions are 38cm H x 3cm L x 36cm W.

Shop now for $1,850 via Prada.com!

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