If You’re Bougie On A Budget, You’ll Love These 48 Surprisingly Cheap Finds On Amazon

If you want to live a luxe lifestyle but don’t want to spend a lot of money, there are tons of great products online that fit the bill — and I’ve collected some of my favorites right here. This list is full of bougie products that look like they cost a million bucks, when in fact, they’re all surprisingly cheap finds on Amazon.

Being bougie can benefit all areas of your life, from personal care products to home upgrades and more, so this list covers a range of categories. For example, you can enhance your self-care routine with a facial steamer or gold under-eye patches that hydrate and help reduce puffiness — and both items cost under $30. Or, you can make your home extra cozy with a soft sherpa blanket and voice control-capable smart bulbs, so you can adjust the lighting without leaving your comfy spot on the couch. The best part? You can pick up both of those items for less than $40 total.

If those examples have inspired you to add a fancy item or two to your life, there are plenty of other options ahead. Keep reading for more surprisingly affordable products on Amazon that only look like they cost a lot.


These Gold Under-Eye Patches That Hydrate & Reduce Puffiness

Not only are these gold under-eye patches an Instagram-worthy trend, but they’re also a quick and easy way to refresh your skin. The patches contain collagen, hyaluronic acid, and other gentle ingredients to hydrate the under-eye area and reduce puffiness, and the treatment only takes 15 minutes. Each pack contains 30 pairs.


A Clip-On Selfie Light With 3 Brightness Levels

Make every selfie and video chat look studio-worthy with this clip-on ring light. The rechargeable LED ring light clamps easily to your phone, laptop, or tablet, and it offers three brightness modes that you can adjust to various settings. And since the ring light is compact, you can tote it everywhere.


A Faux Leather Trash Can For Your Car

Keep your car clean by stashing garbage in this hanging trash can. The faux leather trash can installs easily with an adjustable and detachable strap, and it has a leakproof aluminum liner to handle wet and dry garbage. Plus, the trash can comes with an adhesive hanging hook and 10 garbage bags.


These Luxurious Shower Steamers With Aromatherapy Benefits

Turn your shower into an aromatherapy experience with this set of six luxury shower steamers. Each tablet is infused with essential oils for different benefits, including relaxing lavender and chamomile and energizing orange and grapefruit, and they create a therapeutic mist while you shower.


These Absorbent Microfiber Towels That Are Gentle On Hair

Help your hair dry faster and prevent breakage with these super-absorbent microfiber hair towels. The soft, plush towels go easy on your strands, and they have button and loop closures, so you can wrap them securely in place as your hair dries. Each pack contains two towels, and you can choose from 15 color combinations and two sizes.


A High-Pressure Shower Head That’s Easy To Install

Instantly upgrade your bathroom with this high-pressure shower head. Reviewers love how the handheld, chrome-plated shower head increases water pressure, and it features soft rubber nozzles and three settings — powerful, massage, and mixed — to give you a luxurious shower experience. Plus, all the installation essentials are included, so setup is a breeze.


A Flameless Candle Set With Remote Controls

Create a candlelit ambiance at the touch of a button with this flameless candle set. The set includes nine battery-operated candles of various sizes, and you can use the included remotes to control the flicker, brightness levels, and set timers for up to eight hours. The LED candles use two AA batteries, sold separately.


These Comfy Quilted Covers For Your Seat Belts

Not only do these quilted seat belt covers make driving more comfortable, but they also add a bit of flair to your car. The soft, foam-lined covers provide cushioning between you and the seat belt and come in a range of colors, including classic black, bright pink, and gray. Also great: The covers are machine-washable.


These Affordable Smart Bulbs That Are Voice Control-Capable

You don’t have to spend a lot to get in on the smart home lifestyle — just pick up this two-pack of smart light bulbs. Each bulb offers various color and brightness settings, and they’re easy to control from anywhere using a smartphone app. Even better: They’re voice control-capable with Alexa and Google Home, so you can adjust them and set schedules without lifting a finger.


This Monitor Stand With A Device Slot & Removable Drawer

Create a more ergonomic workspace with this affordable monitor stand. The easy-to-assemble stand is height-adjustable between 2 and 5 inches, so you can set the most comfortable viewing angle, and it has a built-in slot for your phone or tablet. There’s also a detachable drawer where you can organize your essentials, like notepads and paperclips.


These Easy-To-Use Teeth Whitening Pens

For an easy and affordable way to brighten your smile, pick up this two-pack of highly rated teeth whitening pens. Just twist the pen and brush the gentle, mint-flavored formula onto teeth to remove stains caused by coffee, wine, soda, and more. Each pen contains over 20 uses, and they’re easy to stash in your bag for brightening on the go.


A Facial Steamer That Hydrates Skin, Opens Pores & More

Use this facial steamer to hydrate your skin, open pores, soothe sinus congestion, and more. The steamer works with distilled water and features adjustable power and steam levels, so you can customize the settings for optimal effectiveness. Plus, it comes with an attachment for steaming your nasal passages, which can help ease sinus congestion and headaches.


A Marble Wine Chiller That Looks So Elegant

If you’re enjoying a bottle of rosé or white wine, this marble wine chiller will help it stay cool until the last sip. The elegant cooler is made from 100% gray marble, which offers excellent insulation to keep your beverage cold. For maximum chilling power, you can place the cooler in the freezer for one hour before uncorking your bottle of vino.


An Adjustable Drawer Organizer Made From Bamboo

Whether you’re looking to tidy up your desk or trying to wrangle your cooking tools in the kitchen, this expandable drawer organizer can help. Made from eco-sustainable bamboo, it expands from 13 to 19.6 inches wide, so you can maximize space, and the sleek, understated look will make even your kitchen shears look high end.


A Portable Garment Steamer That Quickly Removes Wrinkles

There’s no need to iron when you’ve got this portable garment steamer. The easy-to-use, leakproof steamer quickly and gently removes wrinkles from all types of fabric, and it has a large water tank that offers up to 10 minutes of continuous steam. And for safety, the steamer automatically turns off when it runs out of water.


This Super Cozy Sherpa Blanket That Comes In Lots Of Colors

Get cozy under this ultra-soft sherpa blanket, which comes in 30 colors, including dark gray, coral, and lilac. The reversible polyester blanket has soft fleece on one side and fluffy sherpa on the other, making it the perfect companion for cold weather and couch days.

  • Available sizes: 50 x 60 inches, 60 x 80 inches, 90 x 90 inches, 108 x 90 inches
  • Available colors: 30


These Adhesive Door Draft Stoppers That Block Breezes, Noise & More

Keep breezes, noise, and more from drifting under your door with these self-adhesive door draft stoppers. Sold in a two-pack, the easy-to-install draft stoppers can be trimmed to fit your door. Plus, color options include white, gray, brown, and black, so you can choose the one that works best with your decor.


This Car Visor Mirror With Built-In LED Lights

This car mirror with LED lights makes it easy to check your reflection on the go. The touch-sensor mirror attaches to the visor for super-quick installation, and it features six bright built-in LEDs that’ll instantly upgrade the lighting in your car. To use, you’ll just need two coin cell batteries, sold separately.


These Stackable Jewelry Trays That Keep Your Accessories Organized

With these stackable jewelry trays, it’s easy to grab the perfect accessories every day. The set includes five trays with various compartments covered in soft, flocked fabric to keep necklaces, earrings, rings, watches, and other pieces organized and protected. You can also purchase sets of three and four in neutral shades of gray, black, and beige.


An Ultra-Slim & Portable Power Bank

This ultra-slim power bank is easy to tote for on-the-go charging. The streamlined power bank is about the size of a credit card and features a micro-USB cable and a lightning adapter, so it’s compatible with most smartphone and devices, and you won’t have to carry around extra cables to use it.


A Shoe Travel Bag That Holds 3 Pairs

For an easy way to pack your favorite footwear — and keep the soles off the clothes in your suitcase — pick up this durable travel shoe bag. It’s made from water-resistant polyester with two-way zippers, and it holds up to three pairs of shoes at a time. The bag has a top handle and luggage strap for portability, and you can choose from seven fun colors and styles, including sky blue, floral, and light pink.


A Sleek Universal Knife Block That Fits Blades Of All Sizes

Keep your kitchen knives organized with this sleek universal knife block. The durable stainless steel organizer has a slot-free design, so it can accommodate all types of blades up to 8 inches, and there’s enough room to store 12 knives and a pair of kitchen shears. The block has a weighted nonslip base for stability, and there are drain holes at the bottom to prevent moisture build-up.


This Bamboo Bedside Shelf That Keeps Your Essentials Within Reach

Need some extra storage space by the bed? This bamboo bedside shelf is sturdy and easy to install with the included clamps, and it’s the perfect place to keep drinks, snacks, and other essentials within reach. Helpful features include a built-in cupholder, a notch for your phone or tablet, and cable management slots to keep cords tidy.


A Versatile Makeup Brush Set That’s Travel-Friendly

This travel makeup brush set is perfect for on-the-go application and touch-ups. The kit includes five brushes packed into two convertible utensils, so you can comb lashes and apply base, blush, concealer, and eyeliner — all without taking up too much space in your makeup bag.


These Headrest Storage Hooks That Are Sturdy & Sparkly

Need a convenient place to put your bag or coat while you’re driving? These car seat hooks instantly add storage space and sparkle to your headrest. The sturdy stainless steel hooks fit easily on any metal headrest, and you can choose from eight rhinestone color accents, including white, black, and pink. Each pack contains two hooks.


These Bracelet & Necklace Extenders That Add Instant Length

Add length to your favorite jewelry pieces with these bracelet and necklace extenders. The set of stainless steel extenders includes various sizes, so you can choose the perfect length, and each one features easy-to-use lobster clasps that attach to your jewelry in seconds. Choose from a pack of eight with gold and silver extenders or a pack of 12 with gold, silver, and rose gold.


An Essential Oil Diffuser With 7 LED Color Options

This highly rated essential oil diffuser is great for aromatherapy sessions with the perfect mood lighting. The BPA-free ultrasonic diffuser has a large-capacity water tank that offers up to 10 hours of use at a time, and it’s easy to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Plus, the diffuser comes with a remote, so you can adjust the mist settings, set timers, and choose from seven LED color options with adjustable brightness settings.


The Space-Saving Hangers That Are Great For Tank Tops & More

These space-saving clothes hangers can instantly organize your closet, making it easy to find tops and bras when you’re getting ready in a hurry. Sold in a two-pack, each hanger holds up to eight tops at a time and has a velvety soft covering that’s gentle on delicate garments.


A Super-Soft Memory Foam Bath Mat

This memory foam bath mat is a popular pick on Amazon, and with good reason — it’s ultra-fluffy, thick, and feels luxuriously soft. Also great: The mat comes in 20 colors (including gray, mauve, and peacock blue) that are sure to match your bathroom decor. The plush bath mat has an absorbent microfiber top layer and nonslip bottom, and you can choose from seven sizes.


A Back Scrubber & Sponge Set For Full Body Exfoliation

With this back scrubber and sponge set, it’s easy to exfoliate from head to toe while you shower. The back scrubber has a textured honeycomb side for deep exfoliation and a soft terrycloth side for gentle cleansing, and there’s a durable handle on each end. Meanwhile, the smaller sponge is great for exfoliating your face, neck, feet, and other areas that need TLC. Choose from three sizes.


These Comfy Soft Gel Heel Cups

Add stability and cushioning to your shoes with this pair of soft gel heel cups. Made from a lightweight gel with flexible edges, the inserts slide easily into your footwear and can even help your shoes fit better. Plus, the gel inserts cradle your heels for comfort with every step.


The Grout Pen That Brightens Your Bathroom

For an easy way to refresh the tile around your house, pick up this grout restorer pen. The easy-to-use marker features a non-toxic, water-based white ink that you can use to color and brighten grout lines. One pen goes a long way, too, as one reviewer wrote: “I did the entire floor of my large master bathroom plus a little of the shower with one pen.”


A Bamboo Cheese Board With A Hidden Utensil Drawer

Make snack time feel fancy with this bamboo cheese board. The durable, eco-friendly bamboo board features a hidden drawer with four stainless steel utensils and a center serving section with a recessed outer rim, so there’s plenty of room for cheese, crackers, and all your favorite extras.


These Organic Wine Drops That Neutralize Sulfites

If you’re sensitive to sulfites, add these wine drops to your next glass of vino before taking a sip. The organic drops are available in formulas designed for red or white wine (or you can buy a combo pack that includes both) and they neutralize added sulfites in just 30 seconds.


A Jewelry Organizer Case That’s Perfect For Travel

Keep your accessories in order with this travel-ready jewelry organizer case. Available in small and large sizes, the soft cloth case has storage areas for necklaces, rings, and earrings, as well as a zippered compartment and elastic pouch where you can stash assorted items. Choose from seven colors, including soft pink, leopard print, and classic black.


This Wall Outlet Plate With A Built-In Shelf

This highly rated wall outlet shelf instantly adds storage space for your devices. The easy-to-install shelf replaces any standard wall outlet plate, and it features a built-in cable slot to keep cords organized. This genius shelf holds up to 10 pounds, and you can purchase it in packs of one and two.


These Reusable Bamboo Dishcloths That Are Great For Scrubbing

Want to replace sponges and paper towels with something more eco-friendly? These reusable bamboo dishcloths are perfect. Sold in a set of six, each durable and absorbent dishcloth features a looped outer weave that’s great for scrubbing, and they’re gentle enough to use on nonstick cookware. Choose from two sizes.


A Milk Frother For Making Cappuccino, Matcha & More

Make coffeehouse-style drinks from home with this battery-operated milk frother. The easy-to-use gadget features an ergonomic handle, a simple on/off switch, and a durable stainless steel whisk that makes rich foam in seconds. You’ll just need two AA batteries (sold separately) to get started.


These Comfy & Stylish Mock Turtlenecks

Create a layered look with these mock turtlenecks. The lightweight collars are made from breathable 100% cotton with an elastic closure, and they’re comfy and stylish under your favorite sweaters and button-downs. Choose from a single turtleneck or two-packs in black, white, gray, and striped designs.


These Smooth Satin Pillowcases That Are A Dream For Hair

These satin pillowcases look and feel so luxe, and their smooth, non-absorbent surface can help reduce hair breakage and sleep lines on your face. The 100% polyester pillowcases have envelope closures that keep them in place on your pillow, and they’re machine-washable for easy care. Each pack comes with two pillowcases, and you can choose from five sizes and 25 colors, including silver gray, airy blue, and pure white.


These Portable Cleaning Wipes For Leather & Suede Shoes

Keep your leather and suede shoes pristine with these natural boot cleaning wipes. The portable wipes are easy to stash in your bag for on-the-go cleaning, so you can gently wipe salt and mud off your delicate shoes before stains set in. Choose from a resealable pack of 15 wipes and an individually wrapped 10-pack.


A Cleaning Pen That’ll Make Diamond Rings Sparkle

Make your diamond rings sparkle with this easy-to-use Diamond Dazzle Stick. Just twist the pen to dispense cleaning formula onto the soft, gentle bristles, which are great for getting into the ring setting where gunk tends to build up. The handy pen is safe to use on diamonds and precious stones in platinum and gold settings.


A Faux Leather Steering Wheel Cover With Antimicrobial Protection

Not only is this antimicrobial steering wheel cover made from soft faux leather, but it can also help prevent the growth of bacteria, mildew, and mold. The cover offers continuous antimicrobial protection that won’t wash away or rub off, and it also provides a grippy surface for more comfortable driving. Choose from gray, midnight, and beige.


A Hanging Organizer For Your Eyewear

Keep your eyewear tidy with this hanging eyeglasses organizer, which has compartments where you can insert the temples of all your frames. The faux leather and felt organizer comes in four sizes and colors — birch, black, coffee, and walnut — and you can hang it on any storage hook around the house.


These Modern Toilet Brushes With Stainless Steel Handles

Toilet brushes are not the most glamorous items, but this set boasts a modern, minimalist design that enhances bathroom decor. Each brush has a long stainless steel handle with a splash guard, and the sleek white holder prevents drips and conceals the brush when it’s not in use.


A Sturdy Organizer For Your Hair Styling Tools

With this hair tool organizer, it’s easy to keep your styling essentials in order — and there’s a convenient place to put hot tools when you’re done using them. The sturdy, heat-resistant steel organizer features three compartments for your blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron, and brushes. The organizer is easy to mount on the wall or cabinet door using the included hardware, and you can choose from 14 colors, including black, chrome, and rose gold.


This Glass-Top Mini Whiteboard Where You Can Leave Yourself Notes

This reusable whiteboard fits between your keyboard and monitor and features a durable glass surface that you can write on, allowing you to quickly jot down and erase notes throughout the day. The board comes in five styles, including white marble, floral, and black, and there’s a channel at the top where you can stash dry-erase pens. Plus, there’s a pull-out drawer that’ll help you declutter your workspace.


These Easy-To-Install Motion-Activated Bed Lights

Looking for an ultra-modern night light? These dimmable motion-activated bed lights use adhesive tape for easy installation, and you can set timers for 30, 130, and 380 seconds, so you’ll have enough light to get in and out of bed in the middle of the night. Choose from warm white and multicolor styles.

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