Huda Beauty’s N.Y.M.P.H. Body Drip Shimmering Oil Is My New Staple

Body glitter is back, baby. Much like the resurgence of other 2000s-era trends (I’m looking at you, low rise jeans and thin eyebrows), it may be polarizing — but I’m fully on board. In fact, I already have bottles of the shimmery stuff hoarded around my apartment and in every beach bag I own. Suffice it to say, when Huda Beauty’s N.Y.M.P.H Body Drip Shimmering Body Oil launched last week, I was on it faster than I log off on summer Fridays.

The N.Y.M.P.H. Body Drip is a limited edition (!!!) glittering dry oil, created as a collab between Huda Kattan and her sister Mona’s perfume brand, Kayali Fragrances. It comes in a glass bottle with a spray nozzle for easy application of the golden elixir. The oil itself looks like it’d be a brown-bronze, but it becomes sheerer when sprayed onto the skin. You can use it wherever you want some illumination, whether that’s all over your body for a head-to-toe glow or on certain areas for a subtle highlight (like along the collarbone).

The moment the Body Drip was blended into my chest and limbs, I was entranced. Read on for my honest review of Huda Beauty’s latest drop.

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Testing Huda Beauty’s N.Y.M.P.H. Body Drip Shimmering Body Oil

When I got my hands on the product, I shook the bottle before applying very liberally: five spritzes on the right half of my décolletage, shoulders, and upper arms, then five for the other side. Because I am a body glitter aficionado, I own a couple of Sol Body Kobuki Brushes that I used to work the oil into my skin without glitter-bombing my hands. You can also rub it in with your hands like you would with any other body oil — just make sure to wash them before you touch anything else.

Typically, I’m wary of dry oils — though the appeal is that they’re, well, drier than a traditional oil and therefore not greasy or heavy, they can sometimes be too dry and leave my skin feeling even more parched than it was before. But the N.Y.M.P.H. Body Drip feels extra silky and nourishing thanks to its stacked formula: It contains a mixture of skin-moisturizing superstars, including jojoba, avocado, and sunflower seed oils. The elixir also features rosemary leaf extract, a super-hydrator frequently found in products meant for soothing skin concerns like eczema and psoriasis. Another perk? Rosemary leaf is also known to quell acne, which is ideal for a product that’s going all over your body. The glitter particles are also super fine — as opposed to chunky, confetti-like pieces — so my sensitive skin didn’t feel any abrasion from applying it.

Although this a collaboration with a perfume brand and is therefore meant to give off a fragrance, I found the oil to have a pretty mild vanilla scent — even though I basically dipped the upper half of my body in it. The sweet smell is warm and pleasant. Still, I would recommend skipping any other fragrances while you’re wearing it to avoid overloading your nose.

Currently, the oil comes in just one shade (dubbed “Bronze Utopia”). On the skin, it’s pretty buildable and leaves a bronze, sun-kissed finish — it feels like a non-committal or not-intimidating self-tanner. For my complexion, the color was perfect, but would probably be too dark for my paler skin in the winter months. My favorite part of wearing it? In the daytime, the oil caught the sun as I walked around my apartment and reflected a gorgeous highlight in different areas, depending on where it hit — the rounded part of my shoulder, my collarbone, or my deep cleavage.

Something to note: An hour after the oil gets completely absorbed, my skin still feels hydrated — but the lustrous sheen pretty much disappears with just faint, delicate sparkles left behind. So the application is not long-lasting. If you want to catch light all day, I’d recommend keeping the bottle on you. The good news is that, unlike other glittery or bronzing body products, I never noticed any pigment transfer on my clothing.

All in all, Body Drip is a product that’s playful, fun, and perfect for summer.

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