How to enable the full Nvidia dynamic range for vivid colors when gaming

Nvidia GPUs have many settings designed to adapt to your preferences, but there’s one in particular we recommend you change. Hidden within the Nvidia Control Panel is an option that may be ruining your display’s color and brightness.

When I jumped back into Dark Souls III last month, I noticed the game’s colors were faded and that darker areas looked unnaturally bright. This issue plagued my experience for some time, but after experimenting, I found out how to ensure my GPUs dynamic range output was utilizing a full range of colors.

Limited vs Full dynamic range

Most PC users will have their dynamic range set to Full already, but we recommend going through the following steps just in case. Being stuck with a limited color range will greatly impede upon any game’s visuals. However, before we explain how to fix it, let’s go over what exactly Limited and Full dynamic ranges look like. 

Nvidia Control

(Image credit: Bandai Namco)

The difference between the two is easily visible with Dark Souls III’s loading screen. On the left half of the above image, I’ve set the dynamic range to Full to allow the GPU to output the entire color spectrum from 0-255. Zero is the darkest a color can be, which is what the background is made up of, and it’s why it appears as a pleasant inky black. 

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