How To Emotionally Declutter – It Starts With Coffee

Thinking about how to emotionally declutter is something I have thought about for a while. It’s almost like when you need to clean out your closet or pantry. Sometimes you need to really do a deep dive into things causing you emotional pain and do a declutter.

how to emotionally declutter

How To Emotionally Declutter

  • Remove accounts that upset you in any way from social media: When people say “hate” follow I don’t get it. Why would you follow accounts that bring you down, upset you, or that you “hate.” If you don’t like something or it doesn’t bring anything positive to your life unfollow. If the account makes you feel sad because you can’t take that vacation, buy that house, that car, that purse, etc. Unfollow.
  • Get out of group texts/chats that cause you any kind of emotional issues: I have done this before. Being in any kind of group chat or text that makes you upset or causes any kind of emotional discomfort is a big sign that you shouldn’t be there. If people are trash talking, making others feel bad about themselves, or sharing information with others outside the text it’s not a good place.
  • Say no to gatherings that stress you out: If the idea of going to something that SHOULD be fun, stresses you out just say no. I mean there are always times you can’t for example work, a family wedding, etc. But if you can just say no.
  • Stop doing things that make you feel bad about yourself: If drinking makes you feel bad about yourself or get down on yourself stop. If hanging out with certain people makes you feel bad… STOP! Whatever you are doing that makes you feel bad about yourself…STOP!
  • Stop weighing yourself: This is the most challenging for me. I know seeing numbers I don’t like is going to upset me. This is the biggest one I personally am working on. It’s hard to remind yourself that your value is not in a number.
  • Let go of what you can’t control: This is another one that can be hard but this year has taught me that so little is actually in my control. Mostly just the way I respond to things. It’s hard to realize that you can’t control everything but it can be so freeing emotionally when you do
  • Cut down on screen time: Screen time tends to be the root of a lot of unhappiness for me and for friends I talk to. The solution? Less screen time. Read a paper book, turn your phone on do not disturb. Set limits on apps. This is probably where I struggle the most.
  • Enjoy what you have already, don’t try to keep one-upping things: THIS IS HUGE. We can all I mean ALL see things on Instagram that people are buying: houses, cars, handbags, more clothes, vacations and feel less than. But remember we have no idea how much debt people are living in to have these things. Things will NEVER make us happy. I used to base a lot of my happiness on what I had. But the things I have that money can’t buy: my husband, kids, family, friends, etc are the best and priceless.
  • Be OK with constructive criticism: I think we can all admit that taking criticism can be hard emotionally but I think we need to be OK with it when it’s constructive. I feel like once we can be OK with constructive criticism and be thankful for it, the emotions that come along with it go away.
  • Be present: Stop living on our phones in TV shows, the news, etc. Start being more present with our family and loved ones and a lot of other things that cause us emotional issues don’t seem as important.

I know I personally need to emotionally declutter and it’s something I strive to constantly be working on. What about you? Do you need to emotionally declutter?


This post was originally published in 2020 but has been updated for 2022. 

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