How Tim Sykes is Teaching the Art of Penny Stock Trading

Have you ever wanted to invest in the stock market, but didn’t want to tie up your money in a 401k and never touch it again until you retire? This might seem like a solid plan, but for some people, they’d like to put their money to better use and actually make money in the market on a daily basis.

And while this sounds like a dream come true, some investors and day traders have put in the time, work and effort to master the art of day trading — though it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Timothy Sykes is a perfect example of someone who has mastered this art, but he isn’t just going at it on his own. Through the use of his own personal trading and building a massive platform and following online, Tim has actually helped thousands of everyday people get started with investing on their own, while also personally teaching and coaching them in process.

Today, we are going to take a look at how blogging, social media and online teaching have completely changed not only Tim’s life for the better, but also for many of his students as well.

Tim’s Story and How He Got to Where He is Today

If you were to come across Tim Sykes today and went on to read through his sites and follow him on social media, you’d probably say he’s a pretty lucky guy. However, isn’t that what most people say when they see other people with the success they’d like to have?

The truth is, there is a long backstory on how Tim got to where he is today, and it all started out when he took his $12k in Mitzvah money, and started to invest and play with in the stock market. The end result here was that he was able to turn that few thousand dollars into more than $100,000 in a reasonably short amount of time.

Before graduating from college, Tim went on to make over $2 million in trading penny stocks — which was more than enough to give Tim an idea on what his future was going to look like.

However… This is a journey that he wouldn’t be taking on his own.

Building a Following and Helping Users Along the Way

Thanks to the power of the internet, in 2007, Tim started to document his journey through his blog at, while also creating videos on YouTube and sharing his thoughts on social media.

For most bloggers and content creators, it was a slow start in the beginning, but as his financial numbers continued to grow, so did his following. And with his social following growing, more people started to pay attention to what Tim had to say.

Jump forward a few years, and Tim now runs multiple websites, blogs and coaching programs that all focus on one goal — which is to help his audience change their lives and become successful penny stock traders.

You can learn more about Tim’s trading programs in this review article.

Tim Sykes Teaches Penny Stock Trading

It’s one thing to teach the art of penny stocks, and it’s another to run it as a business. For Tim, one of the most important things in his life is to help others through his online teachings, and also donating to charity and building schools around the world for those in need.

And with this in mind, Tim is coming out with new websites, training programs and networking conferences all the time for his students.

Some of his most successful and recent projects include:

Sykes created as a way for his students to document and share their success with others, while also learning in the process. With nearly 200,000 traders now on the site, it quickly found itself to be one of the most popular and trusted communities online in relation to investments and trading.

The site includes daily chatroom access, daily stock watch lists, and more than 7,000+ video lessons in its library. As a member of the site, users also have access to weekly video lessons and receive SMS and email notifications as well.

Tim’s Millionaire Challenge

With more than 20 years of experience in trading, Tim’s knowledge and skills can help anyone become a successful trader — however, as a result of this, his time and accessibility is now more limited than ever before. Through the use of Tim’s latest Millionaire Trading Challenge, Tim connects with a select few students to help them understand what it takes to become a successful trader, while also working closely with them in the process.

In fact, Tim’s already had several millionaire students just over the past few years!, and the numbers continue to grow as more people learn his methods and put them into practice.

Trader & Investor Summit

Want to hang out with Tim and learn from hands-on experience? That’s exactly what Tim put together at his “Trader & Investor Summit”. This in-person conference is all about walking through the process of finding successful day trades, while also teaching to a live audience and engaging with audience questions. And not only does Tim attend and speak at the event, he also brings along many of his trusted friends and industry experts as well.

Tim Sykes Blog Review Summary

As you can see, when it comes to Tim Sykes — there’s a lot more than just ‘penny stocks’.

Once you start to follow Tim and understand his teaching methods and why it’s worked out so well for him, you will then see the endless amount of time, work and effort he’s put into his brand and teachings.

In fact, as a result of his own personal and financial success, Tim launched his own charity, which has now gone on to build 89 schools in different countries, to help those in need.

To learn more about Tim, be sure to visit any of the sites mentioned above, or simply search for “Timothy Sykes” on your preferred social media platform. As the market is always changing, he’s definitely someone you want to be following at all times!

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