Horizon: Forbidden West release date, gameplay, story and more

Horizon: Forbidden West has to be one of the most eagerly anticipated games for the PS5 after its predecessor’s breakout success on the PS4. The massive and breathtaking environments of the game just seem like a perfect showcase for the power of the PS5, although notably, it will also be coming to the PS4.

We’ve had a few tantalizing looks at the games in trailers so far, but while we impatiently await its release we’ve gathered all of the leaks and rumors we could find regarding Horizon: Forbidden West, including the potential release date, trailer, setting, gameplay and more, to get you ready for the next installment in Aloy’s tale.

Horizon: Forbidden West release date

(Image credit: Sony)

Given the utter lack of information regarding a release date when it was shown off at Sony’s June 2020 event it was pretty clear that Horizon: Forbidden West wasn’t going to arrive during the PS5 launch window.

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