Hands Down, The 50 Best Things For Your Home Under $30 On Amazon

There’s nothing quite as comforting as settling in at home to enjoy an evening with friends and family or a quiet dinner with your partner. Building a nest that showcases your unique sense of style is the dream — right? My own space is where I head to relax, journal, or catch up on the latest streaming shows on Prime. I love filling my kitchen, living room, and bedroom with fashionable and functional items, but I don’t love impacting my bank account. And if I can find something fabulous for under $30 — and I usually can on Amazon — I can have the best of both worlds.

You work hard for your money, so it’s okay to spend it on yourself. As a believer in this idea myself, I’m going to share some of the best home-enhancing products I’ve found on Amazon. None of them are over $30, and tons of them come highly recommended by literally thousands of reviewers. I mean, who couldn’t use a set of silicone wine glasses that are oops-proof? And what about a super-cozy memory foam bath mat that adds some color next to your tub?

Throughout this list, you’ll find things you didn’t know you needed (and some you simply must have — trust me). Scroll on for 50 of my favorite under $30 things.


This Sheet Set That Comes In Dozens Of Colors

An inviting bed begins with a great set of sheets, and this set of wrinkle-resistant sheets tick all the right boxes. Soft construction? Got it. A fitted sheet that stays in place all through the night? It’s there. And, with dozens of colors and patterns to choose from at a budget-friendly price, you could easily pick up a couple sets.


A Mosquito Repeller That Doesn’t Use DEET

Patios are meant for parties or simply hanging out with your friends. This easy-to-use mosquito repeller ensures your outdoor space is free from pesky mosquitos with up to 15 feet of coverage. It works with (included) fuel cartridges that are based on natural repellents found in plants as a conscience-calming alternative to DEET and citronella candles.


A Handheld Frother That Creates Cafe-Worthy Drinks

Whip up barista-level coffees and lattes on your own kitchen counter with this lightweight handheld milk frother. Battery operation eliminates clumsy cords, and maintenance is as simple as running the frother in a bath of warm, soapy water. This handy little mixer works well on matcha, half and half, and even butter and cream. Choose from 30 brilliant colors to match your kitchen.


This Mini Waffle Maker That Takes Up Virtually No Space

You can’t go wrong when a reviewer says, “Definitely one of the best purchases I have made on Amazon so far.” This 4-inch waffle maker fits in your hand, yet makes delectable breakfast treats that rival your favorite corner café. Plus, it heats up in just seconds. Choose from a range of colors and even shapes.


This Portable Steamer That Handles Clothes & Curtains

Release the wrinkles with this perfectly portable steamer. A generous 240-milliliter capacity lets you steam your drapes or beautify a blazer with up to 15 minutes of steady steam. This compact steamer even has a 9-foot power cord for super-flexible use. And, if you must leave home, it stows easily in your bag to freshen up your vacation wear.


These Biodegradable Dishcloths You Can Reuse

Ditch standard dishcloths in favor of these eco-friendly Swedish dishcloths that are super absorbent and reusable. The soft cotton and cellulose construction cares for your pots and your plates. Toss these cloths in your washing machine for use again and again. They come in a variety pack of four colors, or you can select one color to blend with your kitchen aesthetic.


A Set Of 5 Grow Bags That Are Easy To Use & Move

Let this be the year you begin an herb or flower garden with this set of gallon grow bags. Ideally sized for balcony and porch use, these rugged fabric planters let the roots breathe for better gardening results. Simply fill them with potting soil and your favorite flowering plants or herb seedlings. They’ve even got handles on the side for effortless maneuvering to catch the sun’s rays.


This Personal Blender That Makes Shakes, Smoothies & More

Thousands of five-star ratings mean you should put this personal blender in your cart right now. The full-function mixer can take on everything from baby food and smoothies to shakes and salad dressings. Stainless steel blades make short work of ice and fibrous veggies. You’ll love that the jar doubles as a as drink container complete with lid. It’s available in five colors.


This Thoughtful Toilet Spray That Helps Keep Your Bathroom Fresh

I admit to being a little “bathroom shy” when I have friends over. This scented toilet spray really works as well as they claim it does. Nontoxic essential oils and compounds offer reliable odor control, so you can “go” in confidence. Each 8-ounce bottle — in eight delightful scents — offers up to 400 uses.


A Down Alternative Comforter That Has Corner Tabs To Keep It In Place

Keep cozy on the coolest nights with this down alternative comforter. Box stitching delivers a crisp finish while keeping the filling in place. The look is so luxe, you can use it with or without a duvet cover. Siliconized fiber fill takes the place of traditional down, letting you breathe easily throughout the night. Complement your bedroom with nine color options.


This Solar-Powered Water Fountain That Welcomes Feathered Friends

Water fountains make a really cool, uplifting addition to pools, ponds, and birdbaths. This solar-powered fountain lets you liven up your landscape without tools or even cables. Six included nozzle heads help you create a custom water display. You just need to place it in full sun for three seconds to let the waterworks begin.


This Sandwich Maker That Can Do Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Breakfast is important, and this compact sandwich maker reminds you it can also be delicious. A simple setup makes it easy to layer your bread and ingredients, so feel free to add bacon, eggs, and cheese. The included recipe booklet offers a multitude of ideas. This mouthwatering must-have comes in four color options.


A Set Of Shower Curtains That Have Weighted Bottom Hems

It’s often last on the list, but this set of shower curtains makes it easy to give your bathroom a quick — and inexpensive — upgrade. Weighted hems keep them in place, and the reinforced mesh headers resist tearing for really long wear. These versatile curtains can be used alone or as a lining with fabric curtains, and seven color options offer a perfect match.


This Bamboo Cooling Blanket That’s Comfy For The Couch Or Your Bed

I like to sleep covered, but I hate waking up hot. Thankfully, there’s an answer in this bamboo cooling blanket. Natural bamboo construction — 100% even — wicks away heat to keep you cool and comfortable. The woven diamond pattern further circulates the air, letting you sleep through the night easily. This lightweight blanket comes in six colors for your couch or bed.


These Cereal Containers That Are Easy To Organize

Ban the boxes from cluttering up your cupboard or counter with these clear cereal containers. Large pouring spouts are even easy for kids to handle, and chalkboard labels let you personalize each one. If your tastes change, simply erase and rewrite. A silicone seal practically promises freshness.


A Set Of 4 Mason Jars That’s Ideal For Overnight Oats, Jam, Or Jelly

Overnight oats have become a popular breakfast go-to, and this set of glass mason jars lets you easily prep your own. The food-grade soda-lime construction creates a durable container you can fill with oats, jam, or jelly. Standard-sized mouths reduce transfer messes, and self-sealing tops perfectly preserve the fruits of your labor.


These Kitchen Mats That Make It Comfortable To Cook

Step into your kitchen a little more comfortably with these nonslip kitchen mats. Thick memory foam padding reduces the strain caused by standing at the sink or your stove. Two different sizes offer flexible placement no matter what your kitchen footprint is. Not only practical, these mats are pretty and come in three designer colors.


A Wall-Mounted Tool Holder For Your Kitchen, Laundry Room, Or Garage

Leaning a broom against the wall generally leads to it getting in the way. This sturdy wall-mounted holder provides a solution for wayward mops and a need for organization. Hang smaller items, including brushes and potholders, on the flip-down hooks. The rubber-gripped slots easily hold rakes, mops, and brooms so you can keep your cleaning organized.


A Smart Plug That Doesn’t Require A Hub

You’ve got an Echo Dot. Now, what to do with it besides order pizza? Connect it to this pack of smart plugs and start building a voice-activated home. Wi-Fi-enabled, these small plugs fit over existing outlets and connect with your home’s internet for convenient scheduling and control.


These Dimmable Smart Bulbs That Go From Warm To Cool

Ask Alexa and you shall receive light from these smart Wi-Fi LED light bulbs. The brains are in the base of these A19 bulbs and easily connect with your home Wi-Fi setup for effortless voice control. You can even say “Hey Google” to these lights if that’s your preference. This six-pack of bulbs won’t mind.


This Cool Mist Humidifier That Doesn’t Make A Sound

Need total silence while you sleep, but you can’t handle dry air? This near-silent cool mist humidifier is racking up five-star ratings among reviewers for its quiet operation. Multiple misting modes let you create a comfortable setting, and a 360-degree nozzle delivers directed relief. Plus, this humidifier boasts auto-shutoff for your peace of mind.


A Shelf Organizer For Pans That Maximizes Cupboard Space

I’m a sucker for a brand new pan to try, which leaves my cupboards and counters slightly disorganized. This slim pan shelf organizer offers a simple solution. Place it horizontally or vertically to make the most of your space. You can stow up to five pans, depending on your placement. Plus, this rack can be mounted with included screws or used freestanding on your countertop; so cool.


These Silicone Wine Glasses That Are Made For Evenings On The Patio

Leave your glassware safe in the cupboard and break out these silicone glasses for outdoor entertaining. Perfectly patio-proof, this silicone set of four is virtually unbreakable so you can sip anywhere. Dishwasher-safe construction makes them easy to care for, and the bendable design is even pocket-portable. They’re a perfect companion for picnics or camping.


A Set Of 5 Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls For Big And Small Tasks

Create everything from simple salads for one to a mega batch of cupcakes for the next office birthday party with this set of five mixing bowls. Engraved measurements make it easy to skip the cups and just mix, while the wide-rolled rim keeps each bowl comfortably in hand. The colorful nonslip bottoms look great and stay in place.


This Soap Dispenser That Applies The Suds To The Sponge For You

Save a step after dinner with this countertop dish soap dispenser. The design is so simple I wish I had thought of it myself. Simply fill the reservoir with your favorite dish soap, pop on the top, and add the sponge of your choice. When you’re ready to wash, just push down on the sponge for effortless sudsing. That’s really it.


This Wall-Mountable Holder That Keeps Up To 4 Remotes Organized

Remotes have a way of getting lost in the couch — and one time, I even found one in the fridge. (Don’t ask.) This slim, stylish remote holder ensures you always have them on hand and out of your seat cushions. Adhesive on the back lets you stick it to a wall, and the simple profile is easily placed on a table within your reach.


These Flameless Candles That You Control By Remote

Set the scene for a cozy night with these super-safe flameless candles. A must-have if you’ve got curious cats or tiny tots for roommates, these LED flames flicker like the real thing without the matches and heat. Remote-controlled battery operation offers easy use, and a built-in timer function cycles on and off. Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to candlelight?


A Smart Home Camera That Offers Clear Views Around The Clock

Need to keep an eye on your pets when you’re away from home? Set up this smart home camera so you can check in. You can livestream from just about anywhere with the free smartphone app. Built-in motion recording and IR night vision make it easy to view things that go bump or meow in the night.


These Vanity Lights That Turn Any Mirror Into A Makeup Mirror

Save space on your countertop with these brilliant vanity mirror lights. They install directly on your existing bathroom mirror, turning it into a full-size space to illuminate your makeup looks without needing a separate mirror. Flexible wiring handles most mirror shapes, and you can even use these dimmable lights for under-cabinet lighting.


A Mug Warmer That Keeps Your Coffee Or Tea Cozy

How many times have you forgotten your cup of tea as it sits cooling by your side? Those days are over with this personal mug warmer. It’s super-quick, too, warming up in just two minutes to save your favorite drink. An on-and-off switch provides simple operation, and the indicator light offers a bit of extra safety.


This Cold Brew Maker That Turns Mason Jars Into Coffee Pots

Skip the trip through the Starbucks line with this cold brew coffee maker that uses a Ball mason jar (it’s even included). Overnight steeping with a stainless steel filter delivers delicious results when you wake up in the morning, and pouring is easy using the flip-cap lid and handle. Better hurry: This one’s getting rave reviews from coffee aficionados.


This Soft Memory Foam Bath Mat That Comes In 21 Colors

Warm up your bathroom floor and provide a safe space to step with this super-soft memory foam bath mat. The plush upscale feel matches that of more expensive brands, while a range of color options let you perfectly match your palette. This mat features a nonskid backing for secure use next to your tub or in front of your sink.


A Toothpaste Dispenser And Toothbrush Holder That Keep The Clutter Off Your Counters

Need a solution for the clutter of toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes? This toothpaste dispenser kit includes both dispenser and holder (in three color options) to easily take on the task. Compatibility with most toothpaste tubes delivers a seamless fit and touchless dispensing of every last bit. The included toothbrush holder offers room for up to five brushes. Problem solved.


This Vegetable Chopper With A Set Of Four Blades

Chop, slice, and even spiralize with this countertop vegetable chopper. One delighted reviewer called it “a kitchen miracle,” and I have to agree. Four included blades slice and dice easily through a range of veggies and fruits. The nonskid base rests steady on your counter and doubles as ingredient storage until you’re ready to cook.


This Countertop Rice Cooker That Also Makes Cake

Rice is my go-to as a side dish for a multitude of menus. I also adore cake. If you’re like me, then drop what you’re doing and go get this rice cooker and food steamer. It’s multifunctional beyond just white and brown rice. Use it to bake a birthday cake for your bestie — seriously — or create a mouthwatering stew. An 8-cup capacity even lets you cook for your crew.


A Compact Essential Oil Diffuser With Two Misting Modes

Place this small essential oil diffuser on your desk or dresser for instant mood management and delightful aromatherapy. Two misting modes offer continuous use or intermittent mist, filling your space with sweet ambience. Set the built-in mood lighting to enhance your peaceful aura. A fab find for home relaxation, this diffuser comes in five colors.


This Shower Head That Feels Like A Rainfall

Cancel your spa appointment and install this rainfall shower head instead. The sleek design delivers high-end appeal without the accompanying price tag, and 90 rainfall jets deliver a high-pressure flow you might never want to shut off. A built-in swivel head supports super-simple adjustments. Go ahead, you’re worth it.


An Electric Salt & Pepper Mill Set That Uses Gravity Instead Of Your Hands

Where has this salt and pepper mill set been all my adult life? One-handed operation — simply tip and season — doesn’t even use a button, letting you perfectly spice your steak and sides. This slim set even has built-in blue LED lighting to enhance a quiet dinner with your partner or roommates.


This Cord Cover That Keeps Cables Out Of Sight

A simple idea for running cables and cords across your living room floor, this flexible cord cover helps keep your space safe without a lot of work. Slide your cable through the pre-split back and secure in place using the included adhesive tape. Easy peasy. Three color choices match or complement a range of flooring finishes.


A Wireless Charging Pad For Up To 3 Devices

Charge two phones and your late generation AirPods on this space-saving wireless charging mat. The Qi-charging compatibility works with most Apple and Android phones, letting you and your partner keep your devices powered up. A spot for a third phone is ideal for visiting friends. The narrow, flat design sets up pretty much anywhere.


This Self-Watering Pot That’s Easy To Refill

I’d have a green thumb if only plants watered themselves. Now, they really do with this self-watering planter pot. Each fill provides about two weeks of water, keeping your succulents, orchids, or begonias healthy and hydrated. The self-aerating design helps minimize mold and fungus, while the whole thing sits above your floor to reduce the chances of water stains.


A Set Of Scratch-Free Scrubbers That Brings A Smile To Every Cleaning Task

I understand: Doing the dishes or scrubbing the kitchen isn’t exactly fun, but this fun little scratch-free sponge set can bring a smile to the job — literally. They’re firm in cold water and soft in warm, bringing the right amount of pressure to each and every task. Brilliant colors let you color-code to help avoid cross-contamination, too.


This Hair Catcher That Fits Inside The Drain & Lets Water Flow Through

Catch all the hair before it clogs up your drain with this handy drain protector. Instead of sitting over your drain, it actually fits down inside it, neatly wrapping up hair in one package for quick, easy removal. Take it from this reviewer who wrote, “When they say it catches every hair they aren’t kidding.”


A Motion Sensor Night Light That Illuminates Your Path From Dusk To Dawn

Stumbling through the darkness from your bed to the bathroom probably won’t happen with the help of this motion-sensor night light. You can keep it on all night and bask in its warm and comforting glow, or set it to detect motion so you can easily find your way. This helpful little light comes in a convenient pack of four.


These Outdoor Edison Lights That Offer Vintage Appeal & Brilliant Illumination

Build your own little bistro on your porch or patio with these outdoor string lights. Offering all the throwback appeal of more expensive strings, these Edison-style lights let you light up the night and save a buck or two. Each set connects with up to two other strings so you can illuminate the length of your outdoor entertainment area.


A Cordless Handheld Vacuum With An Included Brush For Upholstery

Go ahead and grab a bowl of popcorn before you flop on the couch. This lightweight handheld vacuum can handle the kernels and crumbs of late-night snacking. It’s completely portable for quick cleanups and rechargeable on the included base. A translucent dirt cup lets you know when it’s time to empty it, too.


A Set Of 4 Sweetly Scented Candles That Come In a Gorgeous Gift Box

Do you ever go shopping for a gift and end up keeping it for yourself? This set of scented candles is made for just that. Four pretty little pots hold soy aromatherapy candles, and they’re packed in a matching box you’ll have a hard time gifting. No worries. These candles are so budget-friendly, you can pick up two of them from three beautiful options.


This Can Rack Organizer That Keeps Supper Staples Close At Hand

Stack your cans sideways — instead of building tumbling towers — with this ingenious can organizer. With space for up to 35 cans, you can clean up your cupboards and find what you need. It even has adjustable dividers to handle value-sized cans. Choose from four finishes to complement your cabinetry or counters.


A Mini Personal Fan That You Can Place Virtually Anywhere

Place a cool, soothing breeze wherever you need it most with this very versatile mini personal fan. The flexible tripod can sit on your desk or wrap around a stroller handle to keep your little one comfy. Three speed settings offer convenient control of your cooling. It’s also compact for travel.


This Rotating Makeup Organizer That’s Adjustable For Custom Clutter Containment

Confession time: My makeup tends to be everywhere on countertops and in cupboards. This customizable makeup organizer is definitely on my list. For less than $30, you get an adjustable eight-layer station that stores all the things, including your perfume. Best of all, it rotates for easy access to brushes, blushes, and everything in between.

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