Google Launches Search Console Insights in Beta

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In May 2015, Google updated its Webmaster Tools, complete with a new name: Google Search Console. In the intervening years, Google’s reporting changes have impacted its entire dashboard lineup, from an emphasis on Data Studio to a redesign of its venerable Google Analytics reports.

This week Google added a new tool to complement its raft of tools. Enter Search Console Insights, a measurement tool still in beta, which provides answers to frequently asked search questions content marketing managers and SEO specialists alike may have.

Introducing Google Search Console Insights

Search Console Insights

Google first introduced Search Console Insights in August 2020. It blends data from both Search Console and Google Analytics into a measurement dashboard with a focus on content performance. It has its own interface, which provides bloggers and content managers a quick glimpse without requiring a drill down into traditional reports.

Search Console Insights displays a timeline visualization of page views over a 28 day period as the default. Page views and average page duration appears at the top, along with an indicator of increase or decrease in the metric compared to a previous 28 day period. 

When the user scrolls down, the dashboard shows a series of cards highlighting new and popular content.  Pages are ranked according to page views.

The panel can also display the top traffic channel and top referring links from other websites. The top traffic channel card ranks channels by page views and average time session. The top referral links shows pageviews and average sessions.

Google Search Console customers can access Search Console Insights from the top of the Overview page in the Search Console. Users can alternatively search for the site in Google and save the access as a bookmark. If you have a site setup with Google Analytics and you have a Google Account, you can use a separate link to access your Insight report directly and save it as a bookmark in the browser.

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Plans for the Search Console Insights Roll Out

According to Google, Search Console Insights “will gradually be rolled out to all Search Console users in the upcoming days.” The report is also expected to be added to the iOS version of the Google App.

One downside of the integration: Search Console Insights currently only integrates with Universal Analytics, the outgoing version of Google Analytics. While this might act as an impediment for teams migrating to Google Analytics GA4, most teams are likely using the Universal Analytics user interface alongside the new GA4 UI as a soft transition. This will buy marketing teams some time until the company offers support for GA4, something that’s in the works. 

If a user wants to share feedback about the tool, Google has provided a dedicated “share feedback” link at the top and bottom of Search Console Insights. The feedback will be used to improve the tool as the company readies it for general release.

No matter if you are a responsible for content creation or website development, Search Console Insights will come in handy to provide a quick overview on content performance while on the go.

Pierre DeBois is the founder of Zimana, a small business digital analytics consultancy. He reviews data from web analytics and social media dashboard solutions, then provides recommendations and web development action that improves marketing strategy and business profitability.

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