Google Drive will now let you block annoying users who spam content

Google is rolling out a new feature that allows users on Google Drive to completely block anyone from sharing content with them, meaning you can get rid of malicious (or annoying) users that share spam.

The new feature is gradually being rolled out to all Google Drive users, and users will only need to right-click a shared file and click on the newly added block option to stop threat actors from sharing content. For those that constantly receive spam content, this will be a relief. 

(Image credit: Google)

According to Google’s announcement, blocked users will not be able to share any Drive items, while other items owned by the user will not be able to be shared with you or be shown when browsing Google Drive. Blocking users will also remove all existing files and folders shared by another user.

Google does note that you won’t be able to block users within your domain, and blocking a user on Drive will also block them from interacting with you on Google apps and services. Although, if it’s a malicious actor spreading the spam, stopping them from interacting with you is for the best.

The tech giant is cracking down on threat actors by updating a number of its security features, including using two-factor authentication (2FA) across Google’s ecosystem.

The new feature to block users on Google Drive is expected to be available to all users over the coming weeks. If you’re looking for a way to stop another form of spam, here’s how Android phones can permanently stop spam calls

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