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With Father’s Day coming up in June I thought it was a good time to share some gifts dads really want for Father’s Day. I consulted my husband and a few other dads out there to make sure I knew what was what. You guys loved my Gifts Moms Really Want For Mothers Day post so I knew I had to do this too!

Gifts Dads Really Want For Father's Day

Gifts Dads Really Want For Father’s Day


  • Air Fryer: We got an air fryer about a month ago and I am pretty sure it’s one of my husband’s favorite things. He loves finding new things we can do in the air fryer and honestly food just tastes better in it!
  • Sunglasses: Who doesn’t need new sunglasses? I know one of Andrew’s favorite gifts ever was a nice pair of sunglasses I got him before we went on a big vacation! He still wears them all the time.
  • Headphones: Andrew got a pair of AfterShokz headphones several months ago and thinks they are THE BEST! They are bone-conducting headphones, so you can still have a full conversation even wearing them. Another go-to is AirPods Pros. That was actually my Mother’s Day gift this year!
  • AirTag/Tile: Not something I would really think of, but everyone is loving the new AirTag from Apple and I know I have gifted Andrew the Tile in the past and he loves it!
  • A day to go fishing/golfing: While moms definitely need time to themselves, so do dads! I think a great gift is a full day to do their hobby of choice. For Andrew that would be fishing but for other dads maybe it’s golfing, tennis, etc.
  • Tools: Tools are ALWAYS a big hit!  I know Andrew has a long list of ones he wants and if you aren’t sure which ones to get I think a gift card to Lowes or Home Depot is always a great idea!
  • A day to work on a house project: Another experience type thing would be a day to get a house project done!
  • A fancy bottle of scotch: I know my whiskey-loving husband would LOVE a nice bottle of booze!
  • Soundbar: I think this is such a great gift. I know so many guys that LOVE their soundbars, including my dad!
  • Nice Sneakers: Andrew loves his Allbirds and a little birdie told me he may get some On Cloud sneakers soon too! I think any guy would LOVE a nice pair of sneakers!

I hope this helps if you are in the market for great gifts dads REALLY want for Father’s Day. I mean picture frames and art are great too but why not get him something really cool?

What are you gifting for Father’s Day this year??

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