Genesys Announces New Customer Engagement Platform

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Genesys, a company that specializes in customer experience orchestration, has shared news about their new platform, Genesys DX, a predictive engagement digital customer engagement platform. Genesys DX makes use of the company’s CX proficiency and Genesys AI, a predictive engagement tool, to build upon the platform’s conversational AI and dynamic knowledge base capabilities that were a part of the acquisition of Bold360, made earlier this year in May.

“The world of customer engagement has changed fundamentally with the majority of consumers preferring digital experiences,” said Barry O’Sullivan, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Genesys Digital and AI in a statement. “Businesses must adapt to meet new customer expectations for rapid, reciprocal engagement.”

As companies continue to shift more business to digital interactions based on the rapid changes in consumer expectations, traditionally, engagements are approached as singular interactions through various digital channels or on transaction-oriented, conversational platforms. As the consumer-defined landscape continues to evolve, so does the need for businesses to create empathetic experiences across all customer touchpoints.

Genesys DX will continue to learn through every customer engagement and will work to improve customer experiences based on dialogue, responses, and preferences. According to Genesys, the new platform will help companies understand their customers’ needs and predict their intent. This should enable companies to move the customer experience beyond transactional chat interactions.     

“Consumers around the world turn to us and our family of iconic outdoor, active, and workwear brands to live and enjoy their best lives,” said Richard Donaldson, Director, Digital Product Management, VF Corporation in a statement. “We want to enable our brands to provide an amazing consumer experience at every opportunity and across every touchpoint. With Genesys DX, we have a standalone digital platform to deliver empathetic customer engagement anywhere in the experience.”

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