Gearbox E3 2021: Everything announced


The Gearbox E3 Showcase is coming to a close. The Summer Fest 2021 offered us the real big reveal. We would have liked to see more gameplay of the standalone Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, but Gearbox seems to be holding back. Pitchford appears to be all-in with the Borderlands movie.

We can’t wait to get a better glimpse of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. In the meantime, we’re getting big updates for Godfall, along with further hints of Homeworld 3 being in production.

For plenty more games announced at E3, stay tuned for the Xbox + Bethesda Games showcase and the Square Enix Presents show on Sunday, June 13.

And, we’re back behind the scenes with Pitchford. Hello there, Kevin Hart (playing Roland).

Apparently, we have no idea about Kevin Hart’s roll as Roland. We’re thinking there will be plenty of fun in the Borderlands movie with Hart starring in it. Hart/Roland now needs to lift weights. 

We’re getting glimpses of Homeworld 3 throughout the Gearbox showcase. It’s not a prequel or remaster, its the next game in the franchise. Is this leading up to a big reveal at the end of the show? There’s not much time left. 

Godfall, one of the PS5’s lauch games, is coming to PS4, with a free PS5 upgrade included. There will be new enemies, free updates, and a Lightbringer endgame. 

Gearbox University has a list of jokes. We’re not sure which joke we like more…

The co-op RPG will be available on PS5, PS4, and PC via Steam on July 27, 2021. Here’s what to expect according to the developers:

Midgard is under siege from unwelcome visitors. Mythical creatures, deadly spirits, and gigantic brutes threaten to bring on Ragnarök—the end of the world!It’s up to you, a mighty Einherjar, to cut short your glorious feast in Valhalla and return to Midgard. There, you’ll need to become the ultimate Vikingand survive—even thrive—to save your village, and the world, from total destruction.

Luckily, you don’t have to brave it alone: your (mostly) fearless tribe of co-op companions will help you build up village defenses and find treasures through a vast, beautiful realm—allwhile doomsday ticks closer and closer.

But don’t let that stop your tribe from having the best apocalypse of your lives. “Surthrive” the Viking way inTribes of Midgard, a multiplayer, action-survival RPG of gigantic proportions.

A short clip of top-down game Tribes of Midgard. So far, everything we’ve seen before. 

Hello, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. We’ve been waiting to hear more from you.

Kayla Belmore, senior producer of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, kicks things off. It is a stand-alone plot, meaning gamers that didn’t play Borderlands don’t need to play it. Wyverns, goblins and more will be some of the big enemies of the looter shooter. Bring on the D&D-style shooter! 

We’re finally getting an update on the Homeworld franchise from Blackbird. Homeworld 3 is officially in production.

Pitchford has left the chat! He’s busy with the movie. Oh well, no magic tricks this time. 

We’re seeing a lot of backstage. We expect its leading up to a world premiere at the end of it. Pitchford states the Borderlands movie is half-way through production. 

Randy Pitchford is walking us through the live set of the Borderlands movie, right in Budapest, Hungary. He’s introducing us to director  Eli Roth and actor Edgar Ramirez.

Nice Ocelot twirling skills, Eli. It seems like there will be proper Borderlands guns made  specifically for the movie. We like authenticity.

Pitchford and Roth are going through all the actors for the movie, including Kevin Hart and Cate Blanchett.

We’re also now seeing a lookback at the year with Gearbox’s signature WHOMP music. 

We start out with a trailer! An E3 exclusive.

Gearbox University sounds like a great opportunity. We’re getting a fun recap of Gearbox’s Borderland 

Here. We. Go. Let’s go, Pitchford.

We’re just ten minutes away from the (potential) magic show. Gearbox’s showcase will 30 minutes long. What can they squeeze in? Only time will tell. 

Tine Tina's Wonderland

(Image credit: Gearbox)

Sure, there’s Borderlands, but Gearbox Publishing also helped push out games like Godfall, Risk of Rain 2, and more. Rumor has it we may see more details drop about Blackbird’s Homeworld 3, after releasing a cinematic trailer back in 2019.

Let’s not forget the Borderlands movie directed by Eli Roth, starring Jack Black, Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, and Jamie Lee Curtis. We’re sure to get a teaser for the upcoming flick. 

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The Gearbox E3 2021 showcase will be hosted by none other than Randy Pitchford himself. As reported by VentureBeat, the Gearbox boss stated earlier this year that the company has “so many new IP concepts,” after Gearbox and Embracer Group’s $1.3 billion merger.

Let the countdown begin! 

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