Game developers should be free to share their work early — stop complaining about it

Too often I hear “it was revealed too soon” as a criticism during game development. When a game goes several years without an update or is revealed without a release date, people are quick to express their discontent. Although I once agreed with this idea, I’ve since soured on it.

While this may be an unpopular opinion, I’m okay with developers showing off a game that players won’t get their hands on for several years. Why is it taboo for developers to share information on what they’re working on during the early stages? And why do we expect studios to keep their project in the dark throughout several years of development?

It’s okay to reveal your game early 

There’s this sentiment I’ve heard from multiple people: “I wish developers would only reveal games six months before it’s finished.” But does anyone actually think it’s fair to treat a developer this way? Why do we expect an artist to go “oh, we’ve only been working on this for a year, so we should stay quiet about it because if we don’t, gamers are going to be upset with us.” Fans should not have authority over how an artist can platform and share details about their art.


(Image credit: Something Wicked Games)

Games take several years to make, and expecting a developer to bend over backwards keeping every little thing about their project secret is absurd. There are plenty of artists who want to share snippets of what they’re working on, whether that be through demonstrations, trailers, or interviews. Creating art is exciting, and we shouldn’t admonish developers for sharing that enthusiasm.

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