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How to Name Different Types of Craft Businesses

As we’ve already seen, there are many different types of business within the craft industry. Generally, craftspeople will specialize in a particular area, such as painting or pottery.

When starting your own craft business, it’s best to focus solely on your area of expertise. It’s an industry that’s notoriously hard to crack, so you need to play to your strengths as much as possible!

Selecting Keywords for your Business Name

Whatever path you choose to go down, you need a business name that reflects the products services you provide. Whilst you may have a generic word in your name, such as ‘craft’ or ‘design’, you should also include a keyword that is tailored specifically to your business.

Your choice of keywords could be based on any of the following things:

  • The products you will sell, such as furniture or textiles.
  • The target audience for your products, such as premium buyers or working-class families.
  • The vision or USP of your company, such as to use sustainably sourced materials or offer highly competitive prices.

Let’s take a look at some example keywords for specific types of craft business.

A Furniture Craft Company

This is an example of a product-focused approach to keyword selection. The aim is to communicate clearly that the business sells furniture.

Of course, this could be as simple as using the word ‘furniture’. However, this can also be done more subtly. For example:

  • Home
  • Fittings
  • Decor
  • Furnishings
  • Ornaments

A Premium Craft Company

This is an example of an audience-focused approach to keyword selection. Here, we want to convey the quality of the services provided in order to attract affluent buyers.

Here are some potential keywords that could be used here:

  • Deluxe
  • Grand
  • Luxury
  • Palatial
  • Choice

A Sustainable Craft Company

This is an example of a USP-focused approach to keyword selection. By expressing the company’s commitment to sustainability in the name, it will be able to stand out amongst competitors.

The word ‘sustainable’ could be used here. Alternatively, you might consider:

  • Eco
  • Green
  • Conscious
  • Organic
  • Earthly

Use the Craft Business Name Generator

Once you’ve gathered up to five keywords that reflect your craft company, it’s time to use the Craft Business Name Generator!

Simply insert each keyword into the search bar and hit enter to view dozens of related business names for crafts waiting to be used.

Find a name that suits your preferences by using the filters on the left. These include character limits, the number of words, and rhyming features.

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