FIFA 22 tips and tricks: Explosive sprint, finesse shots, and how to dominate FUT

FIFA 22 may not seem like much of an update on paper, but a few minutes on the pitch is all you’ll need to realize that this isn’t just a re-skin of its predecessor. Gameplay changes make this latest entry punishingly difficult for those who aren’t willing to adjust their tactics. The game is now slower and more methodical than ever, with midfield dominance becoming more crucial than having the paciest players in the league. 

If you don’t adapt to the changes made in FIFA, you will struggle. Hell, I lost the first three matches against an AI opponent I could normally beat in my sleep. With that said, I’ve refined my skills and would like to share my newfound knowledge, so you don’t have to experience the same struggles as I did when I started my FIFA 22 career. Here are some FIFA 22 tips and tricks to help you get ahead of your opponents.

Adapt your playstyle

What FIFA 22 does best is creating a more realistic on-the-pitch experience where simply through-balls and streaky runs from pacey wingers won’t help you rack up the score. In FIFA 22, deliberate midfield play, speedy ball movement and retaining your shape are more important than ever. As I said in my review, it feels as if EA swapped out Jurgen Klopp’s aggressive counterattacking football for Pep Guardiola’s tiki-taka style. 

(Image credit: EA Sports)

That doesn’t mean speed isn’t important. You can still find open spaces for wingers, like Leroy Sane or Raheem Sterling, to exploit. But in FIFA 22, finding those gaps requires you to work the ball around more, and be precise and strategic about your passing.

Learn how to use explosive sprint

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